Introducing "Create Your Own" Deodorant 3 Set!

by Grace Martin November 02, 2018


This just in... a new set has been added to the shop! The "Create Your Own" Deodorant 3 set allows you to sample three new deodorants of your choosing. Save money by buying a discounted set while stocking up for the family, buying ahead, or early gift shopping. Each natural deodorant makes the perfect stocking stuffer, and is your ticket to fragrant freshness all season long.

Finally, effectively control odor without compromising on ingredients or ruining your favorite t-shirt. The mineral-rich formula is free from stain-causing aluminum and other toxic chemicals. Our deodorants are made without parabens, phthalates, gluten, glycol, and synthetic fragrances.

By allowing you to properly detoxify without stripping your skin and skipping synthetic fragrances, our deodorants provide the aromatherapeutic benefits of our signature essential oils. Feel better and smell great too with these amazing natural deodorants.

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