Introducing Kunzea Essential Oil

by Bella Martinez June 09, 2017

Introducing Kunzea Essential Oil

Newly discovered, Kunzea’s history begins in 1993 when Australian farmer John Hood noticed that the fence surrounding his farm looked new in some areas and decrepit in others. A branchy bush with clusters of white flowers grew near the new-looking fence, but not near the worn-looking fence.

From there, Hood took the bush and had it distilled into an oil. While bottling the oil, he spilled some of it on his hands and rubbed his nose. At the time, he had a sinus issue, and in his words “the oil blew the sinus problem away.” Hood than had his family of 80 test the oil by using it for various issues, and most had a good report to give.

Edens Garden and Mr. Hood would agree that Kunzea is a gem for many reasons. Its soft, rounded, Tea Tree-like aroma blends well with oils of Manuka, Rosalina, Saro and other vibrant-medicinal oils. Kunzea has many of the same properties of Tea Tree, and is known for its antimicrobial, antifungal, anti-inflammatory and other first aid-type properties. Keep Kunzea on hand when germs are on the horizon.

Bug-Bite Buster

Combine 30 drops of Kunzea with 1 oz of Tamanu carrier oil. Apply to bites and watch as the healing process flies by.

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