Introducing Our New Lavender and Patchouli Soaps

by Grace Martin February 27, 2020

Introducing Our New Lavender and Patchouli Soaps

Surprise! We are here to make your morning shower and evening bath that much better by adding to our soap collection. Starting right now, you can elevate your washroom routine with our brand-new Lavender and Patchouli soaps. We’ve been hard at work crafting these aromatically beautifully, benefit-heavy soaps, both of which are made using 100% pure essential oils! 

What do you say we take a moment to get to know each of these soaps? 

Lavender Natural Bar Soap

This shower companion gently nourishes sensitive skin while easing a cluttered mind. Floral, herbal and utterly relaxing, the Lavender aroma alone will have you feeling calm and collected for whatever the day may hold.

Patchouli Natural Bar Soap

Great for exfoliating and rich in nutrients, this soap shows care and kindness to skin in need. Better still, its musky-sweet aroma is both tantalizing and grounding, putting a calm and confident bounce in your step.

Natural Bar Soap Collection
To shop these amazing new additions to our bath repertoire and more, click here! We can’t wait to hear your thoughts.


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