Introducing The Aromaride Car Diffuser + Set

by Jenna Jones November 16, 2018

Car Diffuser

Your everyday commute can now be a five-star driving experience with Edens Garden’s latest innovation: the Aromaride Car Diffuser. With the Aromaride Car Diffuser, there are no bad driving days. To sweeten the deal, we’ve also created the Aromaride Car Diffuser Set, which includes 5 ml of French Lavender Sage synergy blend at a price you’ll love. The calming aroma of French Lavender Sage is the perfect driving companion, no matter the traffic or weather.

To use, add 5-15 drops of your favorite EG single essential oil or synergy blend to its removable wick and clip the Aromaride Car Diffuser onto vehicle air vent and start your aroma journey.

The Aromaride’s modern clip-on design allows you to diffuse 100% pure essential oils as you ride off into the sunset. Accelerate the benefits of aromatherapy and give your car a scent tune-up with the Aromaride Diffuser.

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