Look What We Added to the Create Your Own Sets!

by Grace Martin October 18, 2018

Look What We Added to the Create Your Own Sets!

New Blends are now available in the Create Your Own Sets! Enjoy new, beautifully packaged blends at the discounted price of the Create Your Owns. These new additions have become EG favorites and we know you’ll love them too.  

Let your creativity run wild with the Create Your Own set. Choose 2, 6, 12, or 32 oils from a selection of 85 single oils and blends. Whether it’s a gift for a loved one, essentials for the household, or a little something for yourself, the Create Your Own set is always a great buy.

Bergamot Key Lime Blend: Find a renewed sense of vitality with the zesty aroma of Bergamot Key Lime. It has a citrus complexity sure to enliven any space.

Cedarwood Spruce Blend: Inspire your inner adventurer with the outdoorsy aroma of Cedarwood Spruce. Its dynamic properties can help expand the airways so you can breathe in and out more fully.

Cellulite Blend: Instead of slathering on chemicals or sitting through hours of laser treatment, try something all-natural with our Cellulite synergy blend.

Eucalyptus Cardamom Blend: Minty and refreshing, Eucalyptus Cardamom helps expand the airways and promote overall health.

Lemongrass Ylang Ylang Blend: A nurturing blend formulated to promote inner-peace, Lemongrass Ylang Ylang is simple yet provocative.

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