Magnesium Body Butter DIY

by Jenna Jones April 27, 2017

Magnesium Body Butter DIY

Whether you just finished a workout or slept in a funny position, having sore muscles or knots can really put a cramp in your day. We are constantly on the lookout for solutions to tight muscles. Currently trending in the all-natural wellness world as a treatment for soreness is magnesium oil. 

According to the World Health Organization, 40 percent of American adults are low in magnesium. Spraying or rubbing on magnesium oil is one way to up your intake. Some of the benefits of using the oil as touted by magnesium enthusiasts are that it helps to increase energy, relieve muscle aches, improve heart health and decrease anxiety. At EG, we recommend using your best judgment in choosing what’s best for you and contacting your doctor about any health-related questions.

To help add a little more magnesium to your life, try our Magnesium Body Butter DIY. It’s sure to make your skin silkier and hopefully help you find some muscle relief. 

What You Need

Yield: Approximately 7 oz of body butter

Oil Phase

30 g Sesame carrier oil
16 g Shea butter
12 g Emulsifying wax

Water Phase

100 g Distilled water
36 g Magnesium oil

Cool Down Phase

2 g Muscle Relief essential oil blend
2 g Preservative (manufacturer’s recommended amount)
2 g Vitamin E

How To

In a double boiler, add distilled water and magnesium oil. In a separate double boiler, add Sesame oil, shea butter and emulsifying wax. Heat both to 158° F at the same time. Once 158° F has been reached, slowly pour the oil mixture into the water mixture while using a stick blender to combine. Blend for 10 minutes. Once the body butter has been cooled to 104° F, whisk in Muscle Relief, preservative and Vitamin E. Transfer to an airtight container.

Note: This product has a recommended 1- 2 month shelf life. Store in the fridge and use a spoon to scoop out body butter to maximize shelf life. The exact shelf life of a product cannot be confirmed without testing.

Grab The Essentials Here:

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August 3, 2023 at 11:43 am

Sorry, just noted your shelf life and your storage temp.


August 3, 2023 at 11:43 am

Please clarify the concentration of eo-blend in this BB. 2g=2ml? The final concentration of eo blend would be 40gtts/197g (W/W basis) or about a 1%, correct?
The vit-e seems high? Source of MG oil? Is the Mg salt form important? Can you use more than 1%, as the recommended dosage per site is 3 to 5%. Also, shelf life and storage temp might be helpful.
Nice work, really like the EG pre-mixed for specific issues. Also quick unrelated? Some eo-sites report a range of drops/ml due to change of viscosity, specific gravity, surface tension etc depending on the solvent, water @ 1 would equal 20 gtts/ ml, but some eo’s (especially solvent extraction) can be up to 40 gtts/ml. EtOH is like 40 gtts/ml. Thick oils that don’t ‘pour’ would be less.
Would it be possible to list or reference this in the EG write up on each oil? I’m sure the information would be helpful, if not can you refer me to a source?
Thanks so much,
Kindest regards.