Make Your Home, Guest Ready With French Lavender Sage

by Erin Sweeney October 21, 2018

Make Your Home, Guest Ready With French Lavender Sage

Elegant, sophisticated, timeless, French Lavender Sage room spray is all that and more. It’s difficult not to appreciate the opulent aromas of herbaceous Sage and Sweet Marjoram, and floral Lavender and Damiana. Be transported with each spray to a richly complex summer garden. Inviting and relaxing, use the French Lavender Sage room spray to inspire easy mingling and lively conversation whenever you’re hosting guests. We’ve compiled a few tips for preparing your home for their arrival.

  1. Tackle the two main culprits of odor. The kitchen and bathroom see a lot of activity when friends and family come knocking, so give these rooms their due attention throughout their visit. With an herbal undertone, French Lavender Sage is the perfect spray for the kitchen where herbs and spices are present. The bathroom will also benefit from its odor neutralizing capabilities.
  2. Refresh the conversation areas. Will your guests be seated on couches and chairs? Give your furniture a quick spritz to freshen and enliven the space, allowing your guests to take in the soothing aroma while they socialize.
  3. Take advantage of air circulation. When you’re hosting, you have a million things to do at once. If you have air conditioning running, a ceiling fan circulating, or a fan oscillating, mist French Lavender Sage in front of the air output to quicken the circulation throughout your space. When that doorbell rings, your guests will feel instantly welcomed.

*Recommended to test spray on an inconspicuous area of linens and furniture prior to using copiously.

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