Our Favorite Essentials For Every Type Of Workout

by Danielle De Guzman December 28, 2018

Essential Oils for every workout

If your New Year’s resolution is to get moving so that you can enjoy greater strength, flexibility, and overall health, we’re here to cheer you on! Whether you’re an avid yogi or a running enthusiast, we’ve got just the thing to support your fitness journey, naturally.


An exercise combining physical, mental, and spiritual practices, yoga can help improve flexibility and strength while bringing a greater sense of mindfulness. Calm your senses for this relaxing practice using Chamomile Lavender Synergy Blend. Prior to beginning your yoga sequence, dilute 6 drops in 1 oz of Fractionated Coconut Oil and apply to any areas of stiffness or soreness on your body.

German Chamomile is helpful for aches and pains, fights inflammation, and has a cooling effect, keeping you comfortable during your yoga sequence. Additionally, Lavender can help relieve pain and reduce anxiety, helping you to calm your mind and gently bring your body into even deeper stretches. Inhale the aroma as you perform your yoga sequence, improving your breathwork with Cedarwood, which supports respiratory function.


Intended to build flexibility and strength, pilates emphasizes breath coordinated with movement. As in barre and yoga, focus is important to maintaining balance and improving coordination. Unlike barre and yoga, however, pilates usually includes a reformer - a machine with springs that provides resistance as you work.

Our favorite addition to a reformer pilates class is Cedarwood Spruce Room Spray. Components of Cedarwood and Silver Fir can stimulate the respiratory system, while Pine works to disinfect surfaces. Spray Cedarwood Spruce Room Spray onto your workout towel and place on the carriage of the reformer, allowing the aroma to improve your breathwork. Also, use your towel to wipe down and disinfect the reformer machine before and after class.


Similar to pilates and yoga with a ballet element, barre typically concentrates on isometric training through use of a barre, weights, and resistance bands. In barre, focus is key: small movements can make a huge impact if you pay attention to form. Classes are usually small in size, which means you’ll be sweating in close quarters.

Boost your focus and freshness at the same time by applying our French Lavender Sage Deodorant prior to class. Studies show that Sage combats mental fatigue and improves alertness, while Lavender helps relax smooth muscle so you can tuck, plie, point, and pulse your way through class with less muscle tightness.


HIIT, or High-Intensity Interval Training, involves working at maximum capacity for a few minutes, followed by a short period of rest or active rest. HIIT keeps your heart rate up and can feel tough on your lungs, especially if you’re new to the exercise. Focus on controlling your breathing and staying motivated using Eucalyptus Cardamom Synergy Blend. Eucalyptus can help soothe exhaustion and support the respiratory system, though you should consult a doctor before using Eucalyptus if you have asthma. Cardamom is refreshing, invigorating, and also helps relieve congestion. Add a few drops of Eucalyptus Cardamom to your Personal Pocket Inhaler, store it in the pocket of your exercise pants, and inhale during rest periods to help you rock this workout.


Anyone who runs consistently knows what a rush it can be. However, outdoor running can do a number on your skin. Don’t forget to use sunscreen, and protect yourself from wind and harsh weather by applying Vanilla Ylang Ylang Body Oil before you hit the pavement. In addition to its skin healing properties, Ylang Ylang reduces tension and is considered cooling, making it the perfect addition to a heat-creating cardio workout like running.


If you’re looking for an intense cardio workout with lower impact on your joints than running, spin is your exercise of choice. Whether you’re an avid cycler or just attending your first class, amp up your motivation by using Frankincense Lime Deodorant. Frankincense can help focus the mind while ingredients like Lime and Lemon help expand energy, allowing you to turn up the resistance and push yourself.

Post-Workout Recovery Tips

Whatever your exercise of choice, don’t forget to support your body before and after exercise by stretching and foam rolling. Dilute 6 drops of Lavender Magnolia or Lemongrass Ylang Ylang in 1 oz of Argan Oil and massage into muscles to reduce pain, inflammation, and muscle fatigue post-workout. For more on the benefits of recovery practices like foam rolling, read our blog, How To Use Essential Oils With A Foam Roller. From all of us at EG, good luck on your fitness journey!

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