Our Favorite Essential Oils To Inspire Optimism And Hope

by Jenna Jones May 05, 2020

Our Favorite Essential Oils To Inspire Optimism And Hope

When optimism and hope begin to dip and your joy runs out, where do you turn to? For us, it’s family, friends, a good book, our favorite foods, and essential oils that inspire positivity. Essential oils have long been studied to help improve mood and to encourage people to step out of places of negativity. In this article, we’re revealing the blends that we can count on to give us renewed hope.  

Bliss: Promoting feelings of joy and levity, Bliss synergy blend is entirely pure. Diffuse it every day to promote positivity in your home. Its fresh and spicy aroma can reinvigorate your mood while inspiring you to move forward.

Grapefruit Pink Pepper: Magically harmonizing, Grapefruit Pink Pepper’s playful aroma offers hints of zest and spice. In times of high-stress, this blend will help you to reclaim happiness when diffused or inhaled. 

Hope: Troubles and heartache are inevitable but Hope reminds us to tap into our resilience and find the good. This sweet and spicy blend is loaded with uplifting EOs of Sweet Orange, Lemongrass and Tangerine to help get you back on your feet and moving forward. 

Joy: Whatever your most joyous moments are, we all deserve a few more. Joy can help you recall those happy and beautiful moments and inspire new ones through its floral and citrusy aroma. Add a few drops to your diffuser and allow the fun to abound. 

Shine: Not only does this sweet blend improve mood, but Shine synergy blend also prompts energy and revitalization. Its floral and sweet aroma captivates the senses and inspires stamina. 

Uplift: This appropriately named synergy blend can bring to mind moments of euphoric joy. Possessing a citrusy aroma with hints of peppermint, Uplift can help lift us out of tired and low emotions to help us embrace the positive. 

How do you take back optimism and hope? Let us know in the comments section below!

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