Our Natural Guide To Sweat And Body Odor

by Bella Martinez February 22, 2019

Our Natural Guide To Sweat And Body Odor

PSA! People may be able to smell you…even if you can’t. Gasp! Yes, just as you can become desensitized to the aromas of essential oils by inhaling them daily, you can also become desensitized to the scent of your home, your loved ones and even yourself. This may seem like a terrifying revelation, but with a little help from our experts on reducing body odor naturally, you no longer have to fret about sweat.

Start With The Basics

Cleanse the day away with a detoxifying Bath Salt and Natural Bar Soap. Both products have elements which help to cleanse dirt and bacteria which can contribute to body odor. Be sure to scrub well using an exfoliating material such as a bath glove or brush (skip the sponge or loofah). Also, make sure that you soap-up as a last step in the bathing process.

Stay Protected

Believe it or not, sweat doesn’t actually have a smell. Body odor is caused when sweat is broken down by the bacteria found on your skin. The microbiome on your skin needs to be balanced, so introducing the good bacteria contained in our natural Deodorant is important for crowding out the bad bacteria that causes a strong odor. A diet rich in fruits and vegetables has also been found to positively influence body odor, so pick up that green smoothie and reap the many rewards!

Final Touches

Lastly, a spritz of natural Perfume or a touch of Body Oil will take your aromatic presence to the next level. This may be the last step in the process of combating body odor, but it is certainly not the least. Both the Perfume and Body Oil collections offer subtle doses of beautiful aromas that mingle with your unique body chemistry to ensure you leave a good and lasting impression on those you encounter in your day-to-day life.

Go forth with confidence knowing that B.O. is no longer an issue thanks to your EOs!

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