Stinky Car Cure Essential Oil Blend

stinky Car Cure - essential oil blend by Edens Garden

A car is where life happens. It's the means of many an adventure, and sometimes the smell is proof of that. When rolling down the windows isn’t enough, give your car and your nose a refresher by putting a few drops of this essential oil blend in the Car Diffuser (like our Car Scenter Electric Diffuser here). Whether it was your dog in the backseat, a pair of muddy boots in the trunk, or a spilled milkshake from a summer cruise, this blend will save the day! These specific oils help to deodorize your surroundings, giving your ride that new car smell.


• 3 drops Tangerine

• 2 drops Lemon

• 2 drops Frankincense

• 1 drops Peppermint

• 1 drop Tea Tree


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  • Patty Reeder says...

    Wanting to know the prices on all you frankensence
    Thank you

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