Sunburn Relief: Why You Should Be Using Body Oils to Help Heal Your Skin

by Danielle De Guzman July 05, 2019

Sunburn Relief: Why You Should Be Using Body Oils to Help Heal Your Skin

Many of us wait all year for summer. We look forward to lazy afternoons spent poolside, alfresco dinners with family and late-night patio chats with friends. One thing no one looks forward to? A summertime sunburn. Alas, it’s a discomfort all of us can attest to. Typically, a painful sunburn sneaks up on us, otherwise, we’d avoid it entirely. That said, you can get right to work remedying your UV-ravaged skin with body oil including our specially crafted Sunburn Recovery Roll-On.

“Body oil for sunburn?” you might wonder. It’s true, and while we wouldn’t steer you wrong, let’s explore the ways this is true.


One of the byproducts of sunburn is dried-out skin. You know how it goes: redness followed by itchiness and peeling. None of us enjoys feeling like a reptile shedding its skin. Luckily, our body oils function as a moisturizer, bringing some soothing relief to your dehydrated skin. The sooner you give your skin the moisture it so desperately needs, the sooner you can move beyond the painful portion of a sunburn. A great jumping off point is Vanilla Ylang Ylang body oil.


Of course your day lounging by the pool was magical, but now that sunburn is making it impossible to sit comfortably on the couch. Inflammation has something to do with that deep discomfort. It’s not an overnight fix, but you can begin getting your skin back in tip-top shape with body oil’s anti-inflammatory properties. Yuzu Cannabliss is an exceptional remedy, offering an abundance of these benefits and supporting the body’s natural ability to heal itself. We also created our own DIY after-sun spray to soothe your skin, which you can find here.

Vitamins & Nutrients

When your skin has taken a beating, be gracious to your epidermis. Body oils can be a great source of vitamins and nutrients, not to mention incredible aromas. The previously mentioned Yuzu Cannabliss offers an abundance of vitamin E and nourishes the body’s natural ability to heal. Tobacco Patchouli body oil also works to strengthen your skin’s cellular wall. For the same replenishing properties, reach for some Lavender Magnolia body oil.

Please Remember...

While we love our body oils and stand behind their beneficial properties, it’s important that you don’t use them in place of sunscreen. The best defense against sunburn is avoiding it in the first place, so wear a hat and lather up with plenty of sunscreen (reapply every 40 to 80 minutes). Using body oils on sunburn may further irritate the skin, so we recommend a skin-patch test before using body oils on sunburned areas. Wondering if you have a sunburn? Read a list of symptoms here. A bad sunburn isn’t only painful but incredibly harmful to the long-term health of your skin. Deep wrinkles, rough skin, discolored spots (called “macules”) and general premature signs of aging are only a few possible after-effects of sunburn. Additionally, multiple bad sunburns can increase the possibility of skin cancer, so be sure to wear plenty of sunscreen before you lounge in the sun. However, if your skin does happen to get a little toasty, we hope this guide to body oil helps.

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