DIY Tea Tree Volumizing Powder

by Bella Martinez February 15, 2018

DIY Tea Tree Volumizing Powder

Great hair can be a woman’s crown and glory, but we don’t all wake up with perfect hair. Ladies with straight hair can generally attest to the #Struggle of lifeless looking locks.

Is there a solution that doesn’t involve spending half the morning doing your hair? Thanks to Edens Garden aromatherapists, now there is with our DIY Volumizing Tea Tree Hair Powder. Volumizing powders are great for giving your hair a lift, and with ingredients like Tea Tree essential oil you can rest assured that your hair won’t be damaged by harmful synthetics. As an added bonus, Tea Tree is known to keep dandruff in check, as well as repel lice and ticks.

What you need

12 drops of Tea Tree

1 oz Hazelnut

2 tbsp. Cornstarch

2 tbsp. Flour

Spice shaker


How to

Add 12 drops of Tea Tree to 1 oz of Hazelnut to a separate 30 ml stock bottle. Then in a bowl, combine cornstarch, flour and 12 drops of diluted Tea Tree oil. Use a funnel to transfer the powder to a spice shaker. A paper funnel is a good substitute if you don’t have a funnel.

To use, shake the powder onto your roots. Starting at the bottom of your head, tease your hair using a brush or your fingers, and work your way up to the top of your head repeatedly until you achieve your desired amount of volume.

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