Trending Aroma: Cardamom Essential Oil

by Bella Martinez July 03, 2018

Trending Aroma: Cardamom Essential Oil

From Breathe Bath Salt and XOXO Perfume and Body Oil to Digest Ease Synergy Blend, many of our products contain Cardamom essential oil for its versatility, and its warm, delicious aroma.

Both masculine and feminine perfumes are energized by Cardamom essential oil's spicy and enchanting aroma. It is soothing, yet also very gently uplifting. Some aromatherapists recommend diffusing Cardamom essential oil to invigorate the home and workplace. It may support greater efficiency with its enlivening notes while it relieves nervous strains and improves moods.

Cardamom is valued globally as a spicy flavoring agent and for its ability to help improve digestion. As an essential oil, it is best diffused or diluted and applied topically to the tummy to encourage good digestion. Cardamom is also a warming oil that discourages environmental factors, especially during seasons of sickness. With a high cineole content, Cardamom can also inspire improvements in respiration and the disparaging of congestion. The next time sickness roles around, try reaching for Cardamom.

With an aroma so intriguing, we had to add it to some of our most loved products. Cardamom is truly unique. It is both spicy, yet cool and menthol-like with notes of sweetness and florals. If you have ever experienced Cardamom as a spice, you may find that Cardamom EO is true to the spice, with a more intense and potent aroma that can fill any room with just a few drops. Cardamom is truly a favorite amongst lovers of spice and invigorating cineole-rich oils alike.


  • Can reduce damp, congested conditions in the respiratory and digestive systems.
  • Cardamom can also help alleviate nausea.
  • Cardamom belongs to the same family as Ginger (Zingiberaceae), and they're both warming oils that assist digestion.

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