Weekend Project: DIY Hanging Shelf

by Bella Martinez July 14, 2017

Weekend Project: Diy Hanging Shelf

Every weekend could use a good project, especially one that makes our homes look better. Feeling crafty? Then EG has the perfect project for you! This easy-to-make wall-hanging shelf is not only budget-friendly but will help to beautify any space. These shelves make an ideal place to set atop your Ceramic Bloom Diffuser or gift to a friend. Simply follow these steps:

What You Need 

Wood Plank (We recommend 1 in x 6 in x 14 in)


Wood Ring


How To

  1. Measure and cut two 18 inch pieces of twine
  2. Drill four holes, about 1 inch in from the edge of the plank
  3. Tie and knot the pieces of twine evenly around the wood ring
  4. String the twine through the holes of the plank and knot

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