Welcoming 18 New Roll-Ons + Touch Synergy Set

by Grace Martin May 16, 2017

Welcoming 18 New Roll-Ons + Touch Synergy Set

Enjoying our new synergy blends just got a whole lot easier with the addition of Roll-Ons. Pre-diluted with fractionated Coconut, our Roll-Ons have the same beautiful synergy blend formulas as the bottles and are incredibly simple to use.

If you’re on the go, carry them in your purse or pocket. For those nights on the town, apply Allure or XOXO to your wrists. Before an exam or big meeting, try using Worry Less or Fearless to ease stress. The Tranquility Roll-On can be used during yoga practice and Circu-Touch is an amazing addition to a body massage.

To save time and money, select our Touch Synergy Set which includes all 18 of our new synergy blend Roll-Ons.

Touch synergy set

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