What to Diffuse During Your Morning Commute

by Jenna Jones January 05, 2018

What to Diffuse During Your Morning Commute

Sitting in traffic can turn the most hopeful day into a frustrating bore. According to a 2010 Gallup Poll, American workers with long commutes reported more physical and emotional problems such as high cholesterol and increased worry. Although essential oils can’t cut your drive time in half, diffusing in the car can make your travel more comfortable.

Using our Car Scenter Electric Diffuser is a simple and affordable way to gain the benefits of aromatherapy while you drive. Not only will your nerves be tempered, you’ll impress passengers with your aromatic vehicle. To help you narrow down your choices, we’ve selected some of our favorite essential oils to diffuse while on the road.

Bergamot: Helping to improve focus and clarity, Bergamot essential oil can soothe stress while improving mindfulness.

Good Morning: With its refreshing and stimulating aroma, Good Morning helps promote confidence and energy. It can help increase your stamina so you have clarity throughout the day.

Stay Alert: Revamp your morning routine by diffusing Stay Alert. Its minty and earthy aroma can help add a little moxie to your morning.

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