When and Where to Use Tangerine Jasmine Room Spray

by Erin Sweeney October 23, 2018

When and Where to Use Tangerine Jasmine Room Spray

Tangerine Jasmine room spray has an aroma so wonderful you might want to keep it all to yourself. Don’t let a good thing go un-shared. Enjoy the elegant aroma of Tangerine Jasmine here, there and everywhere. Need some inspiration? Here are some unlikely events and places that you can share in the joy of Tangerine Jasmine room spray.

  1. Weddings: Love is in the air, or is that just Tangerine Jasmine room spray? Accentuate the happiness at a wedding with the decadent, bouquet-like aroma of Tangerine Jasmine. Speaking of bouquets, add a few spritzes of Tangerine Jasmine to the bride’s bouquet to help calm nerves and keep her smile aglow.
  2. Birthday Parties: Add a spritz of Tangerine Jasmine to party invitations, and surprise guests by carrying that same aroma into the party! Joy is sure to abound and keep the atmosphere lively and upbeat as notes of fresh Rose, Jasmine and sparkling Tangerine fill the air.
  3. House Showings: As a realtor, you want to leave a lasting impression on potential buyers. Use Tangerine Jasmine throughout the house to make buyers feel welcomed and at their soon-to-be home, hopefully.
  4. Hotel Stays: Many times staying somewhere that isn’t your own home can feel uncomfortable. A few mists of Tangerine Jasmine room spray will help you to feel right at home with soft, comforting aromas of Magnolia, Copaiba and warm Vetiver. With sedative oils of Lavender and Rose, you can also expect to have a wonderful night’s sleep with Tangerine Jasmine lingering in the air.
  5. Business Meetings: Case of the Mondays? Not anymore with Tangerine Jasmine room spray. With the ever-bright and happy aroma of Tangerine Jasmine, stay on-task in meetings, while keeping the overall mood energized and uplifted. Tangerine Jasmine room spray will help to make meetings more enjoyable for your employees, right next to bagels and donuts.

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