Which Body Oil is Best for Your Skin Type

by Jenna Jones October 24, 2019

Which Body Oil is Best for Your Skin Type

Just as every person’s skin is slightly different, the same is true for our line of Body Oils. While you can’t go wrong opting for any of our specially formulated, all-natural Body Oils, each one of them offers a specific benefit to skin. With eleven EG options to choose from, we understand it might be slightly daunting to narrow down the ideal one for your skin’s specific needs. That’s why we took a little time to highlight a few of our Body Oil options and their benefits to specific skin types.

The Body Oils

Cedarwood Spruce Body Oil: A fantastic choice for those battling dry, sensitive skin or poor blood circulation. Additionally, Cedarwood Spruce prompts the regeneration of cells while helping to soften and replenish skin, making it great for rough skin.

Vanilla Ylang Ylang Body Oil: Damaged skin is undiscerning and can befall anyone. A little too much time exposed to the sun or cold wind can really do a number on it. However, this body oil can offer kindness and restorative powers. Vanilla Ylang Ylang is defined by its skin-softening properties along with its ability to easily absorb and deeply rehydrate the skin.

French Lavender Sage Body Oil: Skin that’s prone to drying out and becoming irritated might find relief in French Lavender Sage. By locking in moisture, this body oil can begin to repair problematic skin while offering it a light shimmer.

Tangerine Jasmine Body Oil: If elasticity is a problem for your skin, Tangerine Jasmine could be your solution. This body oil offers a rich, lush consistency that deeply nourishes skin for long-term benefits. Additionally, it also brightens skin and helps to reduce discoloration by way of two of its ingredients, Ylang Ylang and Jasmine.

Rose Bergamot Body Oil: Skin aging prematurely? Rose Bergamot could be your beauty regimen’s new best friend. Its deeply hydrating properties allow it to aid in the diminishing stretch marks.

Yuzu Cannabliss Body Oil: Protect your skin from inflammation and premature aging with this body oil. Yuzu Cannabliss allows your skin to shed dead cells, helping to fade the appearance of scars and imperfections. It also helps to fend off free radicals, provide a silky texture to skin and improve its elasticity.

These are just a few of the options for better skin. For a full selection of EG Body Oils, peruse here.

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