Why Vanilla Ylang Ylang is the Ultimate Mood-Booster

by Jenna Jones June 17, 2019

Why Vanilla Ylang Ylang is the Ultimate Mood-Booster

Feeling especially low isn’t something anyone seeks. That’s why it’s called “feeling low” in the first place. Much as we’d like to dodge subpar emotions, none of us is immune, so it’s good to have a defense on hand (and in mind). Some of us go for a long walk, others surround themselves with best friends, while others curl up on the couch to watch their favorite flick. Wherever you land on that spectrum, you can also benefit from the mood-boosting Vanilla Ylang Ylang synergy blend!

When we formulated the Vanilla Ylang Ylang synergy blend, we wanted it to be the perfect balance of sweet Vanilla and pleasantly floral Ylang Ylang. Together, this singular aroma delights the senses and can begin the process of raising the flag of happiness inside of you. But let’s take a second to break down just why this synergy blend is the ultimate mood-booster.

Anatomy of a Mood-Booster

The Vanilla component of this synergy blend is comparatively mild to the Ylang Ylang component, but it adds just the right touch of sweetness. And on a very basic level, when has the aroma of something sweet made any of us sad? Still, there is a scientific reason why Vanilla Ylang Ylang is your go-to burst of joy, and it’s more specifically related to Ylang Ylang. For starters, Ylang Ylang can improve mental clarity. Think of it as an aromatic bulldozer shoving your cerebral clutter by the wayside, clearing the road for a superhighway of happy thoughts and feelings.

So What Does “Mood-Booster” Entail?

Along with Vanilla Ylang Ylang clearing cluttered thoughts, it also features aphrodisiac properties as well. This synergy blend is an easy way to tap into your mind’s “emotional romance room,” if you will. In a different vein of romance, Vanilla Ylang Ylang is known to inspire creativity, making it great to have around when you’re getting in touch with the romantic artist in you. Additionally, this synergy blend can encourage feelings of self-worth, which self-love is its own form of romance if you ask us. Whether it’s the thing you love (jazz trumpet, watercolor painting, etc.) or the one you love, Vanilla Ylang Ylang is there.

Vanilla Ylang Ylang has more moves than just on the aphrodisiac front, though. If stress is weighing you down, this synergy blend is your best friend in a bottle. Taking in its aroma can lighten the weight of depression and general feelings of sadness. Since we never know when low feelings will descend, it’s never a bad decision to carry a personal inhaler of Vanilla Ylang Ylang with you throughout the day.

Whether you’re feeling a little down or looking for a mental bump, Vanilla Ylang Ylang is an exceptional oil to do the job.

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