Why You Should Take A Salt Bath After A Massage

by Erin Sweeney August 20, 2018

Why You Should Take A Salt Bath After A Massage

Whether it’s for indulgence, a sore body, or a routine body tune-up, massages are a great way to work your muscles and boost your circulatory system. We encourage you to make the most of your massages with proper post-care.

After all, you want to keep enjoying the relaxing results for as long as possible. Drinking plenty of water, eating an energy-boosting snack, and avoiding exercise are some of the primary recommendations you may hear from the Massage Therapist. But did you know that a salt bath can help enhance the effects of your massage as well?   


Each Bath Salt contains the highest quality Celtic sea salts, Epsom salt, baking soda and 100% pure essential oils diluted in nourishing coconut oil.

Celtic sea salt has numerous healing benefits because it helps to balance out the minerals in your body. In addition, Celtic sea salt can help reduce excess acid levels and water retention in the body. It can also provide an immune system boost.

Epsom salt is also known as magnesium sulfate. Magnesium sulfate helps regulate enzyme activity and normal bodily functions, including the lymphatic system which leads toxins out of the body.

Baking soda, or sodium bicarbonate, has a reputation for helping to remove toxins and acts as a supportive agent for other ingredients.


During a massage, toxins are released from the muscles and the lymphatic system. You can assist the detoxification process with the natural circulation-boosting effects of both salt and warm water. Taking a bath with the EG Bath Salt can help restore levels of magnesium sulfate in the body as well since the Epsom salt gets absorbed through the skin.

On top of that, the essential oils in each bath salt contain natural compounds to boost circulation, release muscle tension, and relax the mind and body. Lactic acid is also released from muscles when getting a massage, so drink plenty of water and bathe in the Bath Salt of your choosing to help reduce it.

The addition of the bath salt into your bath allows you to fully benefit from the massage in a way that supersedes physical comfort alone. By combining the two activities, you can fully replenish your body and jumpstart your system.


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