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6 Essential Oils To Help Soothe Anxiety

by Edens Garden July 09, 2018

6 Essential Oils To Help Soothe Anxiety

More than 6.8 million American adults haveGeneralized Anxiety Disorder and yet only36.9% of those people receive treatment. If you’re struggling, please seek out help from a medical professional andaccredited resources before trying anything else. Essential oils cannot cure anxiety but aromatherapy can complement treatment.

Over the last few years,numerous studies have shown how aromatherapy can help relieve anxiety. More peer-reviewed research and larger trials are needed to definitively prove the effectiveness of essential oils on stress but early results appear promising.

A 2017 study out of The Republic in Koreafound that aromatherapy helped decrease the perceived stress and objective stress of ICU patients. It also helped improve their sleep quality. Lavender essential oil was shown to reduce preoperative anxiety in ambulatory surgery patients ina study out of the Department of Healthcare Policyand Research in New York City.

To help you pick the best essential oils to calm your nerves, we had our aromatherapists outline a list of their favorite EOs for soothing anxiety.  

  1. Lavender:The most famous essential oil of them all, Lavender is the Wonder Woman of aromatherapy.The Translational Medicine Research Center in China reportedthat by inhaling Lavender essential oil, signals are sent to the olfactory system and the brain to release neurotransmitters (serotonin and dopamine) which helps regulate mood. If you’re wondering which Lavender essential oil to try (we carry 4 types) check out this blog post!
  2. Chamomile:The rich, sweet and herbaceous aroma of Roman Chamomile essential oil can have an almost immediate calming effect. Mildy sedative, it has shown to reduce inflammation and prompt deeper sleep in some animalstudies.
  3. Melissa:A lesser known essential oil that has grown in popularity in recent years, Melissa has sedative qualities that can help calm the mind.In a pilot study, Melissa has shown to be an anti-stress and anxiolytic agent. Furtherresearch out of the University of Brazil indicates that the essential oil may have antidepressant effects.
  4. Clary Sage:The super-fun (sarcasm) symptoms of periods, perimenopause and menopause and are no match for Clary Sage essential oil. The oil aligns particularly well with the female reproductive and endocrine systems.In one controlled study, menopausal women were given Clary Sage essential oil to inhale to identify its effects. After inhalation, the subjects cortisol levels were dramatically decreased and a thyroid stimulating hormone was also reduced.
  5. Ylang Ylang:If you haven’t tried Ylang Ylang yet, prepare to fall in love. Its flowery aroma helps relax both the body and mind.A 2014 study verified that Ylang Ylang helped improve the self-esteem of 34 professionals from a Brazilian nursing group. 
  6. Sweet Orange:As anybody with anxiety can tell you, regulating conflicting emotions can be exhausting. Sweet Orange essential oil has shown to acutely reduce anxiety through inhalation according toa 2010 study. And for the skeptics amongst us,a clinical study documented how Sweet Orange can be used as an effective method to help women overcome anxiety during labor (talk about the most stressful thing ever).

Synergy Blend Cheat Sheet

If you’re having trouble selecting a single oil to help relieve anxiousness, try one of our expertly formulated synergy blends. Each bottle is filled with mood-boosting goodness, blended to get the most out of every drop! Our calming blends include many of the tried-and-true essential oils listed above along with others that have shown incredible promise.

Anxiety Ease, Balance, Be Still, Hope, Meditation, Quiet Time, Relaxation, Stress Relief, Tranquility and Worry Less.

Our OK For Kids blends are great for adults too! Don’t forget to try Bee Happy, Calm ‘Em Down and Up & At 'Em.

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Savannah C

July 18, 2018 at 11:11 am

Hello, I am 11 years old and I have struggled with GAD for three years now. It is a mentally debilitating illness that can completely ruin whatever activity your doing. Your Anxiety Ease, Stress Relief, and Worry Less are always in my purse or pocket. I even keep a bottle in my locker. Your oils have changed the way that I handle my GAD and I will forever be grateful!


July 13, 2018 at 12:18 pm

I wear a leather band and infuse Meditation blend onto it daily. It helps to keep me grounded and reminds me to simply breath.