8 Tips For Healthy Skin While Handwashing and Sanitizing Often

by Erin Sweeney May 15, 2020

8 Tips For Healthy Skin While Handwashing and Sanitizing Often

Defending against germs can take a toll on our bodies, especially our hands. With all the handwashing we are doing to prevent the spread of germs, our skin is begging for a little TLC. While effectively safeguarding yourself from bacteria and germs, we hope these simple steps help you to achieve healthier skin while handwashing.

  1. Wash With Warm Water
    When washing your hands always use plenty of soap. The CDC recommends washing your hands for 20 seconds or longer. Try singing your ABC’s or ‘Happy Birthday’ twice in a row to ensure you’re washing for the correct amount of time. As you sing and wash, make sure to cover your palms, backs of hands, fingers, wrists, fingernails, and everything in-between at lukewarm temperatures. This can help prevent dry skin. 

  2. Use Moisturizing Soap
    Because many soaps can strip the skin and cause them to be dry and cracked, skin specialists recommend washing your hands with soap that’s moisturizing. By using a soap with a creamy consistency like our Natural Bar Soap, you are less likely to aggravate the skin. Our Natural Bar Soap combines the benefits of aromatherapy with effective cleansing. Plus, our Natural Bar Soaps are free from toxic fragrances and synthetic chemicals. Try our Lavender Bar Soap to help you feel calm and collected for whatever the day may hold.

  3. Blot Dry
    When drying your hands, blot, don’t rub as this can damage the skin and cause micro-abrasions, even raw skin. To prevent the spread of germs, it is recommended to use paper towels. However, if you prefer cloth, each person should have their own. Replace cloths/towels daily and ensure hands are thoroughly dried as germs can be easily transferred on wet hands.

  4. Add A Carrier Oil
    After blotting your hands dry, reach for a soothing Carrier Oil to help keep your skin soft and lock in hydration post-wash. Not only will carrier oils improve the skin’s appearance and texture, but it will also heal drying skin. Suited for dry skin, Avocado oil is rich in oleic acid which contributes to this oil’s moisturizing properties. Avocado also lends to the appearance of ageless skin through the promotion of skin cell regeneration that is both balancing and nourishing to the touch.

  5. Top It Off With A Body Oil
    Deeply hydrating, our Body Oils are formulated with therapeutic essential oils, natural vitamins and nutrients to smooth, moisturize, and nourish your skin. To gain all the benefits from our body oils, apply throughout the day to protect the skin, while also indulging in all the aromatherapeutic properties. Sleeping well while revitalizing your skin made easy! Before bed, reach for our Good Night Body Oil to relax your body and calm your mind all while preventing skin damage.

  6. Wear Gloves
    In addition to applying a moisturizing body and/or carrier oil to your hands, wearing gloves for 1 to 2 hours after washing can be your saving grace for extremely dry and chapped hands. For added moisture, leave the gloves on overnight. “Much like a facial sheet mask, the gloves will keep your hands moisturized for 6 to 8 hours allowing the skin on the hands to get some needed TLC,” says skin expert, Lucy Xu

  7. Meet Our Secret Weapon: Skin Love
    If you suffer from skin conditions such as eczema or psoriasis, your skin can become even drier and more cracked due to increased handwashing. But don’t worry! We have a solution for you: Skin Love. Try our DIY Healing Skin Salve and apply it directly onto sores or cracked skin for relief.

  8. Substitute Hand Sanitizer For Soap
    While on-the-go, reach for our Unscented Hand Sanitizer Spray to keep you safe and healthy while providing relief from rigorous handwashing. Our spray is non-toxic and kills up to 99.9% of most common germs. However, the CDC recommends using soap and water whenever possible to wash your hands.

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