AAA: Can You Use Essential Oils In A Humidifier?

by Bella Martinez March 27, 2019

AAA: Can You Use Essential Oils In A Humidifier?

We may have just entered into spring, yet some regions are still stuck with dry winter weather. That’s where a humidifier comes in. Humidifiers can prevent issues caused by dry air, such as bloody noses, eye and throat irritation, as well as dry skin and sinuses. On the outside, humidifiers may look similar to essential oil water diffusers, thus inviting the question: can I use essential oils in my humidifier? However, when it comes to diffusing EOs in your humidifier, there’s more to it than meets the eye.

It may seem elementary, but most humidifiers were not created to hold essential oils. In fact, depending on the model, adding essential oils to your device can quickly ruin the humidifier. Due to essential oils’ caustic nature, they can eat and corrode materials including certain plastics. This is an issue for humidifiers made of plastic and other easily dissolvable substances. What’s more is that essential oils (particularly resinous EOs like Myrrh and Vanilla Oleoresin) can gunk up gears and mechanics, further damaging your humidifier. To keep your humidifier in working order, it’s recommended that you don’t add essential oils.

Furthermore, humidifiers are made to cover a certain square footage. What this means is that if you add a few drops of essential oil to a humidifier that is meant to cover 1200 sq ft but you place the humidifier in a 500 sq ft room, you could end up overdiffusing which may lead to complications. In addition, the quality of essential oils can be altered depending on the temperature of the humidifier. For these reasons we again don’t recommend using essential oils in a humidifier.

Though it would be convenient to use essential oils in your humidifier, this is one area we don’t recommend killing two birds with one stone. Instead, invest in both a good humidifier and an essential oil diffuser. At Edens Garden, we offer a variety of essential oil diffusers for every space, need and lifestyle. Though we don’t offer humidifiers, we believe they are supportive to a healthy lifestyle and a great addition to any home, so long as you keep essential oils out.

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