Back To School Sale - 25% All OKFK Products

by Grace Martin August 11, 2022

Back To School Sale - 25% All OKFK Products

In preparation for school starting and to celebrate OK For Kids turning 6, we’re giving you 25% off our OK For Kids collection! Between the first day of school jitters and getting back into a learning routine, kids could use a helping hand. Enter OK For Kids – your natural support system for all kid-related issues.

Helping them stay focused in class, protecting them from seasonal threats and sending them off with a mood boost has never been easier, because OK For Kids takes the guesswork out of choosing the best oils for your child’s everyday needs. In addition to being safe for kids 2+, the OK For Kids collection is effective for adults too. Today's back-to-school sale has something for everyone!

And to celebrate 6 years of OK For Kids, we’re taking a look back at where this collection started and how far it’s come. 

OK For Kids Is Born

In August 2016, the long-awaited OK For Kids line came into existence and made quite the splash! For years, our Edens Garden family had asked for essential oil blends for kids and we delivered by adding 18 new blends that were safe for kids and kid-approved. Today, we’ve sold thousands of OK For Kids oils, and one always comes out on top–Sleepy Head

On A Roll

Later that same year, Edens Garden introduced new OK For Kids bottle sizes and roll-ons, making it more convenient than ever to use essential oils topically and on the go. Prediluted to doses that maximize the benefits of each individual OK For Kids blend, these roll-ons were a hit from the get-go and still are to this day. So much so that the Focus, Focus, Focus roll-on is not only our best-selling OK For Kids roll-on, it’s also in the top three best sellers for all EG roll-ons. 

A New Way To Spray

A couple of years ago, we created a new way for people to enjoy the exquisite aromas and incredible benefits of OK For Kids by introducing three new OK For Kids room sprays. Can you guess which room spray reached the top of the charts? If you guessed Sound Asleep room spray, you’d be right! This room spray is so popular that it’s not only one of our best-selling OK For Kids finished products, but it’s also in our top three most popular room sprays overall. 

Disclaimer: Use code BACK2 at checkout. Discount cannot be applied to orders placed prior to August 11th, 2022 12:00 AM PT. Sale ends August 11th at 11:59 PM PT. Cannot be combined with any other discounts or promotions.

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