Best Essential Oils For Post-Recovery Workout

by Bella Martinez January 31, 2018

Best Essential Oils For Post-Recovery Workout

Whether you get your workout by lifting weights at the gym or performing sun salutations in your living room, essential oils can help your body recover. Applied topically or diffused, essential oils are packed with anti-inflammatory and soothing properties that can ease tight, sore muscles.

Before you begin topically applying essential oils to improve your recovery time, be sure to properly dilute with a carrier oil like Hemp Seed or Sesame. Hemp Seed is rich with vitamins and antioxidants and Sesame is highly absorbent and includes high levels of vitamin E. Add your chosen EOs and Carrier Oil to a warm bath (add Epsom Salt for extra relaxation) or simply massage the diluted oil on your problem areas.

If you’re short on time, try on of our pre-diluted roll-ons. Toss a few in your gym bag or take one with you on a run. To help you sort through our restorative oils, we’ve listed some of our favorite EOs for post-recovery.

Gal Pal: Regain balance with Gal Pal’s soothing and cooling qualities. It can help calm nausea and relax muscle cramps.  

Muscle Relief: Like its name, Muscle Relief can help your body relieve tension. Its cooling properties can decrease inflammation while it soothes soreness.

Relaxation: Allow Relaxation’s tranquil aroma help you recharge after a healthy sweat. Try applying it with Sesame Seed before stretching.

Rosemary Moroccan: Not only does Rosemary help increase circulation and relieve joint pain, it can also improve respiratory issues so you can breathe easy.

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