Diffuse The Anxiety | The Essential Oil Blend Everyone Is Talking About

by Annie Mascia October 13, 2023

Diffuse The Anxiety | The Essential Oil Blend Everyone Is Talking About

Stress is defined as any situation which tends to disturb one's equilibrium. It can be due to work or school pressure, social influences or a difficult home life and can even be physical due to trauma or surgery. Anxiety is defined as intense feelings of panic, terror, fear and apprehension. It also raises the heart rate and is heightened by tension and restlessness. (1,2,3,4)

How our body reacts to stress and anxiety can range from one person to the next, some being more resilient and able to cope than others. Stress and anxiety are akin to the fight or flight response our body goes through when threatened and include a surge of stress hormones such as cortisol and adrenaline. These hormones are meant to assist us over a short-term period when we are facing a threat. However, when stress and anxiety become chronic over the long term, the overload of hormones in our system can disrupt inner balance and stability. (1,2,3,4)

The Quest for Relaxation

Relaxation offers a means to better manage stress and be physically healthier and happier. The hardest part about relaxing is figuring out what methods work best for each of us individually and remembering to make them a regular part of our daily lives. Being persistent in our efforts can provide an ability to mitigate anxiety and stress and in turn, have a profound impact on long-term health. 

To fully understand the body’s stress response we must start with the Limbic System. As a functional center of our brain, it controls our hormones, emotions and memories. There are several hormone centers in this part of the brain but for our purposes, we will focus on two in particular - the Amygdala and the Hypothalamus. 

The Amygdala is primarily responsible for our emotions such as anxiety, aggression, fear and pleasure. The Hypothalamus helps to maintain our homeostasis and is the hub of hormonal regulation within the endocrine system. It influences the sleep-wake cycle, body temperature, hunger pangs and even gives us goosebumps. The Hypothalamus is also the main hormone control center for the Autonomic Nervous System which balances itself between the Sympathetic (fight or flight) and Parasympathetic Nervous Systems (rest and digest - think Vagus Nerve). (5,6)

When frightened, stressed or anxious, the hypothalamus signals the adrenal glands (located on top of our kidneys) to release stress hormones which kicks into high gear the fight or flight response of the Sympathetic Nervous System. This infusion of hormones helps us think on our toes and act fast in the face of danger. In normal situations, when the threat has subsided, the Parasympathetic Nervous System takes over and returns cortisol and adrenaline levels to normal. (5,6)

When these hormones do not shut off due to chronic stress and anxiety it can throw off our body's equilibrium with issues that exacerbate generalized anxiety and stress and include difficulty breathing, digestive disorders, sleep issues, fatigue, irritability, headaches and heart palpitations and can even deplete the immune system. 

Taking any necessary “time-outs” to relax helps us remain calm in the face of adversity and improves mood, focus and concentration and helps us make better decisions. Since the Limbic System can be reached directly from our nasal cavities, we can accomplish a state of relaxation by making use of essential oils and aromatherapy techniques. (7,8)

The Unique Aroma Profile

Among the slew of mood blends Edens Garden has handcrafted is the best seller Diffuse The Anxiety essential oil blend. Formulated with a soothing aroma to better mental health so that you can set free the day’s difficulties, it has a floral sweetness to support the heart with herbal, earthy and woodsy undertones that influence one’s outlook from grey gloom to sunny bliss. 

In this blend, you will be delighted with the floral oils of two types of Lavender and Chamomile and supported by Ylang Ylang and the herbally uplifting Sweet Marjoram (aka the joy of the mountains). Rounding out this blend and giving it its legs, grounding and centering oils of Cedarwood- Virginian, Vetiver, Sandalwood- Hawaiian and Vanilla envelop you in warmth and security.

Components of this blend support mental health by reducing tension, softening anxious moments and full-fledged panic attacks, supporting stress relief and encouraging better sleep by paving the way for deeper breathing. 

  • A large portion of Chamomile- Roman, Lavender and Ylang Ylang essential oils contain constituents from the Ester family. These constituents have been found to balance the central nervous system and release tension, anxiety disorder and stress as well as improve mood and sleep quality.  (9,10)
  • The heavier earth and wood tones of Sesquiterpenes and Sesquiterpenol components offer calming effects on anxiety and improve sleep. They are found in such as Cedarwood, Sandalwood and Vetiver. These components work to improve anxious sentiments and conditions related to stress by potentially suppressing the sympathetic nervous system when confronted with acute mental stress. (11,12,13)
  • Ylang Ylang has an interesting chemical makeup comprised of Esters and Sesquiterpenes which makes it a base note floral oil with noted abilities to reduce hypertension, anxiety and inflammation. In a pilot study, it was tested for these reasons among a group of professional nurses and determined to significantly alter self-esteem. (14)
  • Sweet Marjoram: long known in Greece for its ability to wield a smile and bring joy, it has been determined that this oil has a tranquilizing effect on the central nervous system and is exceptional when utilized to treat depression, tension headaches and sleep disorders. It is comprised mainly of Esters, Monoterpenes, Monoterpenols. (15)

Combining the soft florals, woods, grass and herbal accents makes a delectable blend that is seductively appealing to those who use it. It is uniquely warm, simple and earthy with florals that do not overtake the blend. Balanced by the vitality, fortitude and grounding natures of Cedarwood- Virginian and Sandalwood- Hawaiian, Diffuse The Anxiety will transform and shift a bleak mood to break the cycle of stress and help users grow to be more resilient and less fearful with the strength and courage to move on in life. This blend is different from others in its particular ability to transition uneasiness into a positive mental attitude and a settled nature to say goodbye to any jitters that may normally accompany your day.

The Calming Properties of Chamomile and Lavender

Both Lavender and Chamomile are staples of the essential oil world made by steam distilling the flowers and stalks of the plant. While Chamomile is more herbal, bitter and medicinal, they both have a distinct ability to deliver one to a more relaxed state of mind. They are equally powerhouse essential oils, touted for their ability to subdue nervous tension, quell anxiety and stress and improve sleep. (16)

For instance, this combination of essential oils was used via inhalation aromatherapy during a study of older community-dwelling adults. These oils overwhelmingly helped to lessen instances of their depression, anxiety and stress levels offering a relaxed mental state and improved sleep. In another study, there was a significant reduction in anxiety among nurses when combining the use of Lavender and Chamomile essential oils with music therapy. (16,17)

Promoting Peace and Rejuvenation

Diffuse The Anxiety Essential Oil Blend is there to bring mental rejuvenation by improving sleep and giving you a reason to take time for yourself. To improve emotional health and balance your mind and body our advice is to have a nightly ritual that includes meditation and deep breathing exercises to stimulate the vagus nerve and quell stress and anxious feelings before lying down especially when nervous tension arises and it is difficult to calm down to promote better slumber. (18)

Our number one and favorite way to use this blend is by diffusing. A simple method, diffusing can settle the heart by immediately releasing and infusing the nature of the oils into one's home or office environment. We suggest combining the use of Diffuse The Anxiety with activities you can do to further your journey of calming the heart and mind to truly relax. 

It's best to experiment with different methods to find the ones that resonate with you and provide the most effective relaxation experience and combine the ritual use of essential oils into newly found relaxation techniques. Here are a few suggestions:  

  • Use deep breathing techniques to reduce anxious feelings combined with a Meditation practice or while practicing Mindfulness to be fully in the moment. 
  • Exercising such as long walks in nature, Tai Chi or Yoga
  • Create art, write in a journal, read books and listen to music 
  • Spend time with family and friends
  • Aromatherapy (Bath Salt blend, Diffusing, Massage oil)

Besides being one of Edens Garden bestselling essential oil blends Diffuse the Anxiety has been voted by essential oil users as one of Edens Garden top essential oil blends. It is a superb blend to make use of when setting aside some “you time”. Explore other blends for enhancing one's mood here on the EG website!


If using this blend to assist better sleep, we highly recommend turning off any devices and televisions that can stimulate the mind at least an hour before bedtime. Instead, test out some of the relaxation methods mentioned above while diffusing this delectable blend by placing 6 drops of Diffuse The Anxiety in 100 ml of distilled water (depending on the size of the machine and manufacturer instructions). 

On-the-Go Relaxation

Don’t have time at home or on the go? Make use of this on-the-go and long-lasting Essential Oil Inhaler filled with salts any time you need it. Just be sure to find a quiet space to sit for a short period when needed and practice the deep breathing techniques linked above. If you are traveling, the Mio Mist diffuser is an expertly made diffuser that fits in the palm of your hand, is lightweight and easy to pack into a bag. 

Massage & Natural Perfume

Make yourself your own personal natural perfume and massage oil by blending 12 drops of Diffuse The Anxiety into 1 oz of carrier oil such as Jojoba or Apricot Kernel oil. Applying a pea-sized amount of this oil blend into your hair with a wooden comb will tame frizz and keep the aroma lasting longer. 


At the end of a long day, there is nothing better than taking some time for yourself. In a bowl, blend 6 drops of Diffuse The Anxiety with 2 cups Epsom Salts and  2 tbsp of liquid Castille soap and mix well. Meanwhile, fill up a warm tub, and add in the salt mixture. Let the salts dissolve before climbing in. Relax using calming breathing techniques for at least 15 minutes with calming music if you like. Bonus: The magnesium naturally found in the salts helps promote better sleep and relieves muscle aches. If bubbles make you happy, try out this blog post recipe using Diffuse The Anxiety essential oil blend.

Customer Favorites and Testimonials

There is no shortage of reviews for Diffuse The Anxiety, previously known as Lavender Chamomile. Users state that its incredibly relaxing qualities are due to its floral, earthy-sweet aromatics and that it's the perfect blend for baths and that it is so calming, that it’s the perfect blend for bedtime, knocking them out night after night without fail. These users have made it into night lotions and body butter, diffused and taken it on the go - and they know it's something they cannot live without. 

Another delightful review was from a cancer survivor who noticed their moods were becoming erratic, especially with her husband. Rather than take hormones, she found Edens Garden essential oils and began using Diffuse The Anxiety to help soothe and even out her frame of mind and her husband is still alive today. 8)

Whatever techniques you use and which essential oils you love, we wish you an even temperament and sound sleep so that you can go about your days with a skip in your step and an inclination to laugh in the face of stress and tension.


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