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Bath Bark DIY

DIY Bath Bark Melt With Essential Oils

A simple bath can be deeply therapeutic. In fact, studies point to thenumerous physical and mental benefits bathing produces. But what if we were to tell you that you could get even more out of your bathing routine? If you’renot already using an EG Salt Soak, start there and then make this skin-nourishing DIY Bath Bark Melt.

Bath treats are fun and, with the right ingredients, can benefit your skin. To enjoy your bath to the fullest, we’ve created this skin-loving DIY with shea butter, Meadowfoam carrier oil and luxurious Lavender Magnolia synergy blend. Shea butter assists with dry, damaged skin and helps to boost skin regeneration. Meadowfoam is rich in emollient and a non-greasy moisturizer. Combine that with the uplifting aroma of skin-refining Lavender Magnolia to create this tried-and-true bath treat that will elevate any bath routine.

What You Need

80 grams of Shea butter

19 grams ofMeadowfoam

1 gram ofLavender Magnolia synergy blend

Flat silicone mold

Flower petals (optional)

How To

Weigh ingredients. Then, in a double-boiler melt shea butter and add Meadowfoam. Remove from heat and stir in Lavender Magnolia. Arrange flower petals or herbs in your silicone mold, then pour the mixture into the mold. Cover with plastic wrap (ensuring plastic wrap does not touch the bark) and let sit overnight or refrigerate for a few hours.

To use, break up the bark and add a few pieces to your warm bath. Allow the bark time to melt. Stubborn pieces that don’t dissolve can be broken up with your fingers under water. Once fully melted, relax and soak up the goodness.


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1 Response

Christina B Bradic

May 28, 2019

I just finished a batch and it is cooling now! I don’t think my scale is sensitive enough to capture that 1 gram of oil. I would love if you translated that to drops for a few of your synergy blends. Thanks for the recipe!