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DIY Belly Balm With Essential Oils

DIY Belly Balm With Essential Oils

Pregnancy is beautiful. Not only are you growing a precious little being inside of you, but pregnancy hormones help your hair to grow thick and long, your skin to glow and your smile to widen to new lengths! Stretch marks, on the other hand, are little pregnancy reminders that some of us wish we could do without. At Edens Garden, we say embrace your body, and try this skin tightening DIY Belly Balm to help you enjoy your pregnancy to the fullest.

What you need

1.5 tbsp Soy Wax

1.5 tbsp Cocoa Butter

2 tbspAvocado Oil

4 tbspRosehip Oil

13 dropsLavender

7 dropsPatchouli

7 dropsHelichrysum italicum

5 oz. Jar

*This recipe is diluted to 1%

How to

In a double boiler, melt Soy Wax and cocoa butter. Add in Avocado and Rosehip carrier oil. Remove from heat, and in Lavender, Patchouli and Helichrysum Italicum. Stir to combine. Transfer to a container, and allow to cool fully. To use, scoop out a dime sized amount and rub onto belly and stretch marks. 

*The essential oils and carrier oils in this recipe are generally safe during and after pregnancy but be sure to check with your doctor before use. To learn more about essential oils and pregnancy here

Developed by an aromatherapist 


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6 Responses

Edens Garden

July 01, 2019

Hi Emily! This recipe originally called for beeswax, but we’ve since become a vegan/ cruelty free company. You can use the same amount of beeswax as soy wax.


July 01, 2019

I must be going crazy…I looked at your website earlier today and there was a different belly butter recipe using beeswax. I ordered some of the ingredients to make it myself. Is there an alternate recipe that was removed from the site?

Thanks so much!

Edens Garden

April 26, 2019

Hi Hamidah! Are you using refined or unrefined shea butter? Unrefined shea butter may have sediment in it which would make the balm grainy. You may also want to ensure your butters and waxes are fully melted and that the balm cools evenly – the best way to do so would be by cooling it in the fridge.

Hamidah Hamid

April 26, 2019

Hi! My balm turns grainy and i guess it must be the shea butter. Is there an alternative to this or how to make our balms without it turning grainy?
Thanks! :)

Edens Garden

March 15, 2019

Hi Allesha! Soy wax is natural and works very well with essential oils. You can also try using carnauba wax or candelilla wax.

Allesha Bond

March 15, 2019

Why soy wax? And what could I use instead? Thank you.