DIY Easter Epsom Salt Gems For The Bath

by Bella Martinez April 09, 2020

DIY Easter Epsom Salt Gems For The Bath

It’s an Easter unlike any other because we, like others around the world, will be staying home rather than gathering with family and friends. But we’re not letting this get us down. Instead, we look forward to celebrating with family and friends when it’s safe to do so and we plan on making the most of Easter. 

One way we’re having some festive fun is with DIY Easter Epsom Salt Gems. Not only are they adorable, but they’re also fun to make and come packed with some helpful health benefits. These Easter Gems contain Epsom salt, which has been shown to increase magnesium levels, detoxifying baking soda, skin-nourishing Coconut oil and the newest addition to our collection of blends – Lavender Magnolia. This Lavender and Tangerine forward blend perfectly captures the spirit of Spring and is a welcome addition to our DIY Easter Gems. 

Make these fun bath treats and add them to Easter baskets, give them away as gifts or indulge yourself in your own bath or shower. Whatever you do with this DIY, we hope it adds a little joy to your Easter season. 

What You Need

1 cup Baking soda

¼ cup Citric acid

¼ cup Epsom salt

40 ml Fractionated Coconut carrier oil

8 drops of Lavender Magnolia

Silicone egg molds

Food coloring

How To

Combine baking soda, Epsom salt, and citric acid. In a separate bowl, stir Lavender Magnolia into Fractionated Coconut carrier oil. Then, combine dry and wet ingredients until the mixture is damp and holds together. Separate the mixture into individual bowls and mix in a small amount of food coloring into each bowl. Pack the different colored mixtures into the bath bomb mold before allowing it to dry and harden overnight. Transfer to an airtight container once hardened.

To use, pop your Epsom salt gem in the tub and enjoy! 

Easter Epsom Salt Gem DIY

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