How To Use Body Oils

by Danielle De Guzman October 23, 2020

How To Use Body Oils

Body oils combine essential oils’ powerful effects with skin-nourishing vitamins and carrier oils. They’re a treat for the senses that can hydrate your skin and improve your mood.

What is body oil used for? There are countless uses!

In this article we will explain how to use body oil and get the most out of its benefits.

Using Body Oils As Moisturizer

Many people ask us when to use body oil and how often they should use it. If your goal is bringing moisture and hydration to your skin, you can apply body oil as often as you would moisturizer—daily.

Does that sound like too much moisturizer? Consider the following:

  • In traditional Ayurvedic medicine,  abhyanga or self oil-massage is a recommended daily practice for hydrating your skin, balancing your mood and connecting with yourself.

  • Moisturizing daily can prevent excessive oily or dry skin, which in turn lessens your risk for developing undesirable skin conditions like blemishes and irritation.

  • Using a moisturizer is suggested on any skin type and can ultimately help aid you in achieving the radiant skin you've been longing for. 

So how do you use body oil to moisturize?

The best time to apply body oil is after showering and towel-drying. The oil is easily absorbed when the skin is warm and slightly damp. However, you can apply body oil at any time of the day to keep your skin nourished and pampered, but you should avoid applying on fresh-out-the-shower wet skin for longer-lasting moisture. 

For radiant and glowing skin after you shower, consider using our Skin Love body oil to care for your skin and give it the love it deserves. Skin Love is packed with anti-inflammatory and calming properties that work together to:

  • Support cell regeneration

  • Act as a scar preventative

  • Minimize stretch marks 

Do You Apply Body Oils Before Or After Lotion?

Technically speaking, you don’t need to use lotion and body oil in your skin care routine. In fact, the active ingredient in most lotion is oil! However, for a decadent treat, you can use both together.

First, apply your lotion. After your skin feels dry to the touch, apply body oil to seal in the moisture.

As an alternative, you can mix a few drops of body oil into your body lotion.

Yuzu Cannabliss

Wondering what oil to use daily? Yuzu Cannabliss is just as relaxing as the name sounds. Bright Yuzu and earthy Hemp oil combine for an aroma that is uplifting, refreshing and calming. 

Like most citrus oils, Yuzu is an antioxidant, which can help to prevent signs of aging. Meanwhile, Hemp is naturally anti-inflammatory and can help to soothe upset skin and even sore muscles.

What’s more? This body oil combines four ultra-nourishing carrier oils with essential oils:

  • Camellia Seed

  • Apricot Kernel

  • Fractionated Coconut oil

  • Safflower

With Vitamin E in the mix, your skin will feel softer than ever.

Body Oils As Massage Oils

Aromatherapy massages are the hottest thing to hit the spa industry and our body oils make the perfect complement to any massage. Body oils hydrate the skin and also give the benefits of the essential oils they contain. 

Recent scientific studies tout the benefits of an aromatherapy massage:

  • Massages with Lavender have been shown to reduce physical discomfort, including menstrual cramps.

  • A 2009 study focusing on women with breast cancer found that Lavender massage can also reduce stress.

This makes our Lavender Magnolia body oil a great choice for relaxing and soothing sore muscles. You can even give yourself a foot or neck massage before going to bed to experience better sleep.

Our natural oils for the body are also easily absorbed and, generally, don’t need to be washed off after a massage. Try our body oils during these self care activities:

1. Taking A Bath Or Shower

Body oils also double as a bath oil when added to the tub. This way, you can experience their moisturizing  and soothing effects.

In this respect, our Vanilla Sandalwood body oil is a top pick. 

  • Sandalwood is used in aromatherapy to calm and ground. It also has myriad skin benefits. A review of Sandalwood’s properties notes that it may help soothe sensitive skin, reduce the appearance of the blemishes and promote even skin tone.

  • Vanilla isn’t just a necessary ingredient for baking. It’s also an analgesic that can help reduce stiffness and soreness. On top of that, its sweet, soothing aroma is a perfect compliment to rich Sandalwood.

To increase the benefits of using body oils in the bath combine:

  • 1 tbsp of body oil

  • 1 tbsp of Epsom or Pink Himalayan salt

Then drizzle the mix into the bath, light some candles and enjoy!

Note: Use caution getting in and out of the bath as body oil can make the bath floor slippery. 

When in the shower you can use the oil as a body wash or in a body scrub. You can also apply body oil after showering to your damp skin.

2. Putting On A Hair Mask

When hair is dry, frizzy and suffering from damage, a hair mask is just the thing to return its luster. 

Our body oils can play a big part in hair restoration. Nourishing carrier oils and essential oils are just as well-suited for hair as they are for skin. 

Here’s our favorite quick and easy hair mask:

  1. Whisk together 1 tbsp of body oil (we recommend Lavender Magnolia) with 1 tbsp of agave nectar and 1 tbsp coconut milk. 

  2. Apply to hair from roots to ends and gently massage onto the scalp.

  3. Leave on for 15 minutes.

  4. Rinse, shampoo and condition thoroughly.

To achieve shiny, luxurious locks, make hair masks with essential oil a weekly part of your routine. Add these ingredients into a spray bottle or closed container for easy application. And don’t forget to take care of your skin with our Healthy Scalp blend.

Your hair is sure to feel the extra hydration after just a few uses! 

3. Painting Your Nails

Sometimes, our nails can use a little TLC, too. 

After buffing or filing nails, polish them off by rubbing body oil onto your nails and cuticles. A few drops of these natural oils onto your nails help create an even base for your polish application. You can even use body oil to soften your cuticles before trimming them.

While you’re at it, rub body oil onto your hands to keep them soft and moisturized. It’s as good as a professional manicure, without the price tag! 

4. Cleansing And Moisturizing Your Face

Multi-step skincare routines are all the rage and oil face cleansers are at the heart of most. 

To cleanse, simply massage oil onto your face and wipe off the excess using a warm, damp towel. This can help remove residual dirt and impurities. 

Using a smaller amount, apply natural body oil to the face and leave it on as your moisturizer. Your skin loves natural body products and we’ve created a specialty blend in our Face Love Roll-On. Why not give it what it wants and help in achieving radiant skin today? 


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