DIY Essential Oil Hydroseal Band-Aid For Acne

by Bella Martinez February 18, 2021

DIY Essential Oil Hydroseal Band-Aid For Acne

It was but a few years ago that most of the world associated tick tock with the sound that a clock makes, or perhaps the once popular song by singer Kesha. Flashforward to the world today. Tik Tok has managed to carve its way into the realm of social media and amass a user-base comparable to long-established platforms such as Instagram and Facebook. 

While Tik Tok seemed to originate out of younger users performing trendy dances to popular songs, user content has quickly evolved into videos that touch on nearly every subject under the sun and from people of all ages. From rug making and traveling to remote destinations to  videos on cooking and psychologists sharing stories from patients, these one-minute long videos are often easily digestible, entertaining and informative. 

One common theme on Tik Tok is trends. Think ice bucket challenge, harlem shake and other viral trends that took the world by storm within the last decade. While there are many trends peacefully coexisting at once on Tik Tok, one fad that has caught our attention as of late involves miraculously getting rid of acne overnight using, get this, a band-aid. 

But not just any band-aid, a hydrocolloid band-aid. The trend involves showing one’s blemishes, taking a hydrocolloid band-aid and applying it to said blemishes, then wearing it overnight and removing it the next day. The band-aid often appears to be working because the next day, there is a little bubble in the band-aid over the blemish. While there appears to still be a visible blemish once the band-aid is removed, most users will state that the bandage did in fact pull out pus and dirt from the blemish. 

Doctors have weighed in, stating that the bandage operates on a few different levels. One, it prevents people from scratching or picking at the blemish, preventing the blemish from worsening. And two, it does in fact reduce inflammation and removes pus. In other words, it works!

This fad has not only been trending across Tik Tok, but other social media platforms as well, lending sales for hydrocolloid band-aids to skyrocket and sell out in many cases leaving people wanting another option. Which got us thinking, could we invent a similar product using our beloved essential oils? You better believe it!

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Essential Oils For Acne

First things first, we compiled some of our favorite essential oils for acne. Here’s what we gathered. 

Tea Tree

Derived from the melaleuca tree, Tea Tree essential oil is considered to be one of the most powerful essential oils for treating acne prone skin. This is why it’s been used in skin cleaning remedies for centuries. A powerful antiseptic, studies have shown that it helps dry out bacteria, causing pimples to vanish. 

Skin Love 

Formulated with ultra healing essential oils like Frankincense oil, Sandalwood oil and Lavender oil, Skin Love synergy blend can boost cell regeneration which helps prevent acne scarring and long term damage to the skin. It can also help calm acne and shrink the appearance of older acne scars over time. 

Carrot Seed

Ideal for spot treatments of pimples that have already surfaced, Carrot Seed essential oil can help dry out blemishes without drying out the surrounding skin. 


Antioxidant compounds in Manuka essential oil can help prevent inflammation. This makes it a possible way to reduce inflammatory acne like pustules and cysts. 

DIY Essential Oil Hydroseal Band-Aid For Acne

Want to make your own hydrocolloid band-aid dupe? Here’s how. 

What You Need

  • Patch Bandage 

  • Tea Tree

  • Manuka 

  • Carrot Seed

  • Tamanu 

How To

1. Purchase bandages that do not have an opening, for example, a circular bandage patch. This helps to keep out dirt and debris. 

2. Combine 2 drops each of Tea Tree, Manuka and Carrot Seed in 15 ml of Tamanu carrier oil in a container. Alternatively, use 6 drops of Skin Love in 15 ml of Tamanu. 

3. Using an ear swab, apply a good amount of the oil mixture to your blemish. Cover with a band-aid and leave overnight. 

4. The above essential oils offer various benefits towards reducing the appearance of acne, including reducing inflammation, and may help to draw out any moisture and debris from the blemish. 

Kick Acne, Naturally

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