DIY Geranium Juniper Berry Lip Scrub

by Bella Martinez January 24, 2019

DIY LIp Scrub

How do you get effortlessly beautiful, bodacious lips? A good lip scrub is an excellent place to start. Scrubs help to remove dead skin, promote new skin cell growth, while softening and plumping lips. What’s more, an effective lip scrub is one of the easiest and least expensive DIYs to make, so we decided to create our own formulation for you!

Rosehip on the lips is one of our greatest tips, which is why we’ve included it in this scrub. A healing oil, high in linoleic acid and Vitamin A, Rosehip encourages skin regeneration, skin softening and is compatible with sensitive lips.

Combine that with gently exfoliating, sugar and circulatory, skin nourishing Geranium Juniper Berry synergy blend. Here’s how to combine all these miraculous ingredients into one efficacious lip scrub.

What you need

12 drops Geranium Juniper Berry synergy blend

¼ cup Rosehip carrier oil

¼ cup Fine, granulated sugar

4 oz Jar

How to

Yield: 4 oz of lip scrub

Combine Geranium Juniper Berry and Rosehip carrier oil, then stir into sugar until all ingredients evenly incorporated. Transfer the mixture to an airtight, glass jar.

Take a small amount of lip scrub, and scrub onto puckered lips for about a minute. Rinse and top off with a natural lip balm. You can also put a small amount of scrub on your toothbrush (that you don’t brush your teeth with) for added exfoliation.

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