DIY Lip Exfoliator Stick

by Bella Martinez March 23, 2018

DIY Lip Exfoliator Stick

Applying lipsticks, lip balms, and lip primers throughout the day is something many of us do. However, it can take a toll on your lips that results in a dry or cracked looking pout.

Using a lip exfoliator at the start of your lip routine can prevent dryness and reduce the look of cracked lips. Fortunately, making a simple lip exfoliator is easy and budget friendly.

Sugar is a natural exfoliator and with skin softening ingredients like mango butter and Safflower oil, your lips will be nourished and primed in no time. EG aromatherapists also added Coffee essential oil to this recipe to add a touch of decadence. Coffee’s circulatory benefits helps to create natural plumpness as well. Here’s just how easy it is to up your #LipGame.

What you need

2 tsp Soy Wax

2 tsp Mango butter

2 tsp Safflower carrier oil

2 tbsp Sugar

6 drops Coffee essential oil

Lip balm tube(s)

How to

Yield: 2 oz lip exfoliator

Melt soy wax and mango butter over medium heat. Add in Safflower oil and sugar, then remove from heat. Stir in Coffee essential oil, and transfer to lip balm tubes. Let solidify. To use, remove lipstick or lip products and use the lip exfoliator like you would a lipstick by going over the lips, then rubbing your lips together. Rinse off excess sugar, and brush lips with a toothbrush for additional exfoliation. Enjoy, nourished, plump lips!

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