DIY Mimosa Mandarin Shower Fizzes!

by Jenna Jones October 14, 2018

Mimosa Mandarin

 Indulge in the bubbly sophistication of Mimosa Mandarin. Sweet and citrusy, its mood-boosting aroma keeps you moving and grooving all day long. Mimosa Mandarin can help increase alertness while alleviating tension and anxiety.

DIY Mimosa Mandarin Shower Fizzies

Effervescent, aromatic and full of therapeutic goodness, shower fizzies take your clean routine to the next level. Using shower bombs can help you relieve stress while getting the benefits of essential oil infused steam. Simply drop them in your shower and enjoy the magic of Mimosa Mandarin.

What you need:

1 cup Baking soda

½ cup Citric acid

Silicone bath bomb mold

40 ml Sunflower carrier oil

20 drops Mimosa Mandarin

How to

Combine baking soda and citric acid. Mix Mimosa Mandarin with the Sunflower oil. Combine the oil mixture with the dry mixture.

The mixture should feel damp, and hold together. Pack the mixture in, and let dry overnight. Store in a cool, dry environment for an approximate shelf life of 6 months.

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