DIY Multi-Tasking Beauty Stick (With Essential Oils)

by Bella Martinez February 23, 2018

DIY Beauty Stick

Makeup can quickly become an obsession, and when it does, you’ll soon find out it puts a dent in your budget. Not only that, but makeup can be bad for your body with ingredients like fragrance.

At EG, we try to put a stop to high prices and unnatural ingredients by formulating products that are safe, natural and effective. Which is why we went ahead and invented the DIY multi-tasking beauty stick.

This beauty stick is fun, shimmery, and will add a pop of color or highlight depending on what colors you choose. Use pinks and reds for blush cheeks and rouge lips, tans and taupes for contour, or translucent and sparkling colors for a natural highlight.

With ingredients like Rose Geranium, Guava Seed and Apricot Kernel, you’ll also get the added benefits of nourished, healthy-looking skin. Our inspiration for this all natural multi-tasking beauty stick was Milk Makeup’s Holographic Highlighter Stick. Here’s how to make your own-

What You Need

1 oz Guava Seed

1 oz Apricot Kernel

6 drops Rose Geranium

1 oz Soy Wax

2 tsp Cosmetic Mica Powder

(3-4) 1 oz Push Up Tubes



Yield: 3-4 beauty sticks

Melt soy wax together with Guava Seed and Apricot Kernel. Sprinkle the mica powder (we used these two colors) on top and mix until smooth and even. Once melted, turn off heat and add Rose Geranium. Using a funnel, pour the mixture into the tubes. Allow to cool.

How To Use

Apply the multi-tasking beauty stick to the upper part of your cheekbones, the tip of your nose and chin to highlight. If you are using a rosy color, apply to your cheeks and blend in to use as a blush. Use as a lipstick by applying to the lips or apply to your eyelids as an eyeshadow.

Let us know how you use the multi-tasking beauty stick, in the comments section below!

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