Embrace The Allure Of Ginger Flower: Your New Signature Scent

by Edens Garden August 15, 2023

Embrace The Allure Of Ginger Flower: Your New Signature Scent

For many of us, when we think of Ginger, we reflect on and respect its ability to ease digestive upset and calm nausea. But when you dig deeper into the realm of Ginger, you find that this rhizome and its essential oil take command with its spicy-sweet, robust and fresh notes that dole out a bold sense of courage. On the whole, the effects of this spectacular oil move stuck energy, motivate and inspire confidence. 

Traditionally, ancient China used Ginger to treat ailments including colds, nausea, arthritis, migraines and hypertension [1] as well as issues of the digestive system such as morning sickness, indigestion and even flatulence.[2] Modern-day research concurs that it’s a fortuitous herb to also quell motion sickness.[3] Used singly, topically or otherwise, one rarely needs to use more than a few drops of Ginger essential oil, especially with the Ginger CO2 extract that is slightly more powerful and pungent than its counterpart. Either way, Ginger makes its presence known effortlessly. 

Experimental and preclinical studies, confirmed properties of Ginger essential oil tout its natural abilities are antibacterial, antifungal, analgesic, anti-inflammatory, anti-ulcer, immuno-modulatory, relaxant and warming.[4] But this essential oil blend isn’t just about Ginger CO2. Ginger Flower is so, so, so much more. 

This new signature blend was skillfully created by Edens Garden to bring users a unique and distinct favorite aroma. It is a warming and soothing blend with bright uplifting notes of citrus, herbal and resin oils that synergize to calm the senses, ease upset stomach, bring joy, inspire confidence, and improve energy and focus.

The Fragrance Profile of Ginger Flower Essential Oil Blend

While Ginger, as we know, has a multitude of talents, Ginger Flower essential oil blend has a star-studded essential oil lineup that works to warm the heart, empower the mind and strengthen the body. Its aromatic characteristics are exotically warming and soothing to the mind with bright nuances that uplift mentality due to its inclusion of citrus, herbal and resin oils. 

This fortuitous blend has hints of spiciness and bold presence from Ginger of course but added to Ginger's aura is the support of the woodsy, piney and purifying and restorative Juniper Berry that adds its own enlivening spirit. These two oils together, nudge along stagnancy and smoothly replace it with strength and robust enthusiasm. Be this as it may, Ginger Flower is definitely not all hard edges and muscle. 

This spectacular essential oil blend is a singular pairing that brings soft tenderness, sweet inspiration and sunniness of fresh citrus oils of Lemon and Tangerine that collaborate to turn any dour mood upside down. Mingling the determination of Ginger and Juniper with a fresh embrace of sweet herbal Coriander Seed benefits the heart, body and mind with relaxation. Turmeric root, Elemi resin and Davana finish this blend with a sensual earthiness that has a peppery sweetness to allow deeper breathing that can restore strength and health and reduce worry. 

In short, Ginger Flower has a number of benefits listed here:

  • Stimulates and warms the body and mind to reduce lethargy and fatigue 
  • Eases digestive issues
  • Boosts concentration and focus
  • Reduces stress and anxiety and calms the senses
  • Uplifts mood
  • Subdues agitation
  • Strengthens the heart & improves circulation
  • Boosts the immune system
  • Kills germs

The Aromatherapeutic Benefits of Ginger Flower Essential Oil Blend 

If one were to choose a few oils in this blend that assist with boosting circulation and easing digestive upset they would be Juniper Berry and Ginger. These two oils alone contribute a multitude of positive aspects that help with overall well-being. But, to understand how these particular essential oils improve circulation and digestion we must dive into the research to understand how they act upon the systems of the body. 

Juniper Berry is a powerhouse essential oil that has many positive attributes.[5,6] 

  • Detoxifying the blood by acting as a diuretic to improve urination
  • Reduces blood pressure by filtering excess salts from the body
  • Treats arthritis by reducing swelling and pain in joints and in turn relieves muscle cramps and spasms 
  • Reduce stress & anxiety with its ability to open the breath
  • Enables healthy digestion by stimulating bile flow and the production of digestive enzymes due to its bitter compounds. This is important for the breakdown of foods and nutrient absorption. Its astringent nature also can relieve digestive upset and heartburn[6]
  • Also has properties that are anti-septic, antimicrobial and antioxidant

A breakdown of the benefits of Ginger includes assisting digestion and circulation [7,8,9,10]: 

  • Relieves digestive discomfort by improving the movement of food which also helps to reduce gas, bloating and constipation by cutting down on fermentation. 
  • Its aromatics help quell nausea and act as antiemetics in postoperative situations, morning sickness during pregnancy as well as with chemo treatment. 
  • Its antioxidant properties reduce wear and tear on a cellular level 
  • Contains properties that reduce inflammation citing relief of rheumatoid arthritis and even respiratory ailments. 
  • Ginger also may have benefits in reducing the risk of diabetes 
  • Supports cardiovascular health
  • Has antimicrobial compounds

Ginger Flower - Your New Favorite Signature Blend

If one were to describe the color of this blend, it would be the warm sunset colors of yellows, oranges and delicate reds that emit constructive energy to give it a remarkably special moxie. A definite favorite among Ginger enthusiasts, Ginger is not in any way the King (or the Queen) of Ginger Flower blend. 

The other oils, while not as bold as Ginger, hold enough sway to mark this mingling of oils as a must-have blend, even for those who are not drawn to the sole aroma of Ginger essential oil. The interfusion of the supporting oils in this blend with its top notes of citrus and base notes of Elemi and Davana, soften the edges of the spicy fragrance while bringing to the limelight a strength of character with evident brightness, compassion and raised spirits. 

Methods of Use with Ginger Flower Essential Oil Blend

Ginger Flower aromatherapy blend can be utilized in a number of ways for personal care topically as a natural perfume, in a diffuser to reduce stagnant energy and brighten mood or inhaled directly from a tissue or cotton ball or from the palms of the hand to ease an upset stomach. For those crafty people out there, it can be made into a DIY roll-on with a carrier oil (or as a premade roller) for its lovely and gentle aroma that will improve circulation, boost confidence, sharpen focus and energize the mind and body.

Here are a few ways to put Ginger Flower to use: 

  1. Apply it to essential oil jewelry for a steady flow of its aromatics and for inhaling the aroma when experiencing stomach upset or needing calm focus.
  2. Diffuse Ginger Flower in a ultrasonic diffuser or encompass a room with the gentle and passive Reed Diffuser for a steady and soft release of the oils in a space.
  3. Take it on the go with Edens Garden petite Mio Mist or with the convenient essential oil inhaler when traveling.
  4. Ginger Flower essential oil comes in a premade roll-on that easily tucks into a pocket or purse and can be used when needed by rolling on pulse points and anywhere you would apply perfume such as at the temples, neck, and wrists. 
  5. Dilute a drop or two of this blend with a tablespoon of unscented carrier or massage oil directly onto the stomach area to ease digestive issues. Or make a 1 oz roller with a carrier oil or unscented cream and 3-5% concentration of Ginger Flower blend. When the blend is ready, massage the oil gently into the abdomen in a clockwise direction to assist digestion and reduce gas and bloating. Apply heat for 10 minutes to aid absorption of the oils. 
  6. After massaging the diluted blend into the belly, cup the hands over the nose and breathe in the aroma deeply 4-5 times which will assist with relieving stomach upset.

Some precautions to keep in mind: 

For those with sensitive skin, Ginger can be a skin irritant if used in high dosages so we recommend two things. One, whenever testing new oils or oil blends, be sure to do a skin patch test to rule out skin sensitivity or allergy. Two, always dilute essential oils with a carrier when applying topically. Fortunately, Ginger Flower is one of Eden’s Garden OK for Kids 2+ blends. If using topically with children keep the blend at a 1% dilution. If diffusing, set the diffuser to turn off after 1 hour for adults and 15-20 minutes for children ages 2+. 

Customer Experiences and Testimonials

This new signature blend has been making a splash among enthusiasts of Ginger as well as those normally turned off by the spicy aroma. One client who considers Ginger too strong of an essential oil for her agrees and highly recommends Ginger Flower explaining that this aroma is “more mild [with] fruity overtones” that are “spicy and warm” without being too intense. It is also touted as having a “captivating fragrance that is both refreshing and revitalizing” as well as a “gingery dream” that “will enchant you with its fresh, warm and uplifting” aromas.

Even though this oil blend is new in Edens Garden lineup, its positive impact has already made its mark on many with another customer stating it “helped [her] daughter with tummy issues” and that it is “not overpowering but the perfect combination of oils.” Its attributes also reach into the self-care routine and one person “highly recommends it for anyone seeking a little extra relaxation and warmth in their day.”


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