Face Yoga And Essential Oils

by Danielle De Guzman July 26, 2018

Face Yoga And Essential Oils

At Edens Garden, we don’t use the term “anti-aging”. We encourage everyone to embrace the concept of aging gracefully and to use the most natural methods possible to keep you looking like your best self. Lifestyle, time, and the elements can cause our faces to look tired or stressed, so we encourage you to boost the skin you have with essential oils and face yoga, and let your true age shine!

We always recommend incorporating carrier and essential oils that are skin-firming and replenishing into your daily skin routine. To give your face that extra lift, why not also exercise your face muscles the same way we do our bodies?

Face yoga is the latest cosmetological breakthrough that has everyone buzzing. It works through the power of resistance for muscles throughout your face, followed by a clearing massage. The effects include lifting sagging cheeks, filling in wrinkles, and sculpting the jawline. By combining the skin-loving constituents of essential oils with the natural lifting of muscles with face yoga, you can revitalize your skin and still be you!

How It Works

As we age, the muscles in our face weaken and sag, taking our skin with it. Face yoga incorporates effective and subtle exercises to provide resistance to those muscles in order to activate and lift them. An increase in blood circulation in the face also serves to increase collagen and improve skin elasticity. Exercises revolve around the eyes, forehead, cheeks, nose, neck, and jawline.

Here are a few examples of some face yoga exercises in these areas (Disclaimer: you will probably not want to do these exercises in public):

Cheeks: Open mouth and form an ‘O’ shape while positioning the upper lip over the teeth. Smile to lift cheek muscles up, putting two fingers lightly over the marionette lines. Release check muscles to lower them, and lift back up. Repeat by lowering and lifting the cheeks. When smiling, avoid wrinkling your eyes.

Eyes: Press the index and middle finger to the eye corners and squint (primarily the lower eyelid), but don’t wrinkle or crease. You’ll feel the slight pull. Squint 50 times.

Neck/Jaw: Tilt the face upward, then open your mouth wide before kissing the sky. Repeat 50 times.

Nose: Place your index finger directly under the tip of the nose. Attempt to move your nose downwards, using your finger as resistance. Repeat 100 times.  

Lips: Push your lips out to form a kiss without wrinkling the skin around the mouth, then revert back to an expressionless face. You may want to look into the mirror to ensure this is done correctly. It may also help to use your hand as if you are blowing a kiss. Repeat 50 times.

Forehead: Use your hands to cup the area right above the eyebrows, like your using your hands to create binoculars or shade. Try to raise your eyebrows, using your fingers as resistance. Repeat 50 times. Then do the same thing, but this time place your hands directly underneath the eyebrows and try to lower your eyebrows against the resistance.

Once the exercises are over, use your fingers to give your face a gentle massage. For instance, move your fingers in a circular motion at the temples 20 times. Then repeat, moving your fingers in the opposite direction.

Adding diluted essential oils to the face before these exercises can help the skin absorb the oils more thoroughly. As an added bonus, the aromas can assist with calming and uplifting while you do the exercises. After daily face yoga exercise, you may notice a positive lift to your face and the essential oils could add a noticeable brightening and clearing effect. Try using a mix of Age Defy and Rosehip carrier oil at a 0.5 - 1% dilution. A 0.5% dilution is equal to one drop of essential oil for every two teaspoons of a carrier oil. A 1% dilution is equal to one drop of essential oil for every teaspoon of a carrier oil. You can also try our specially designed Face Love Roll-On essential oil blend.

If you’re a visual learner, check out some videos for Face Yoga here and here.



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