Fuel Your Wanderlust With Sandalwood & Rosemary Around The World Oils

by Bella Martinez May 23, 2020

Fuel Your Wanderlust With Sandalwood & Rosemary Around The World Oils

Fuel your wanderlust with Sandalwood and Rosemary Around The World oils! A combination of the same oil sourced from different locations across the globe, each Around The World oil offers multifaceted therapeutic benefits and delightfully complex aromas. 


A combination of three Sandalwood botanicals sourced from farms in Australia, East India, and Hawaii, this Around The World oil is a vacation in a bottle. Sandalwood’s value lies in the fact that the wood, from which it’s derived, must age before the oil is extracted to create this luxurious and highly therapeutic oil. Its aroma is rich and woodsy with musky, tropical nuances. The perfect base note to any expensive perfume or cologne. And because this oil includes botanicals of Santalum spicatum, Santalum paniculatum, and Santalum album, it offers layers of therapeutic properties that make this oil beneficial towards skincare, alleviating sore throat, soothing anxiety, promoting clear thinking and discouraging environmental threats such as illness. Dilute and apply to the front and back exterior of your throat when sore or sick. 


Next, we visit the beautiful, rugged terroirs of Morocco, Spain, Italy, Tunisia, and Corsica to become reacquainted with Rosemary. It’s here that this beloved herb has been cultivated and perfected for generations. 

Close your eyes and imagine for a moment that you are in any one of these countries, standing on a rocky cliff that overlooks a clear blue sea. The hot sun warms the Rosemary and other flora, causing its herby, camphorous aroma to permeate the air. This is the aroma that’s been captured in our Rosemary Around The World oil and for those of us at EG, it’s the next best thing to being in the Mediterranean. The goodness doesn’t stop there as this oil continues to prove itself worthy with its respiratory-supportive, antibacterial, protective, and ultra-energizing therapeutic benefits. Add Rosemary to a lotion base, specifically meant to have additional ingredients added, to craft a soothing moisturizer. 

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Louise D Spencer

March 8, 2022 at 11:43 am

I love these two choices, which are favorites of mine, as well. I marvel at how these mixes turn out so well! They have and will continue to stay on my re-order list.