Himalayan Salt Essential Oil Diffuser DIY

by Bella Martinez July 20, 2017

Himalayan Salt Essential Oil Diffuser

Salt diffusion is quickly making its way into the essential oil industry, and EG can’t get enough of it. The constituents in salt enhance the aroma of essential oils, making for easy, natural diffusion. This can be done simply by adding salt and essential oils to a bowl But we came up with a crafty DIY concrete bowl to make it more fun. Incredibly cute and useful, this DIY will be one for the books.

What You Need

Paper bowl

Quick drying concrete



Pink Himalayan salt

Paint (optional)

XOXO synergy blend

How To

Coat the inside of the paper bowl with vaseline so that the concrete will not stick to the sides. In a separate bowl, use the manufacturer’s instructions on mixing the concrete and water. Pour the concrete mix into the bowl until it’s halfway full. Use a separate, smaller bowl or cup to make a well in the middle of the concrete. The well should be deep enough to add a good amount of salt (1 oz). Allow to dry for 24 hours or until hardened. Cut the paper bowl away from the concrete and decorate with paint. Lastly, add salt to the bowl and add a few drops of XOXO or your favorite synergy blend!  

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August 31, 2022 at 10:34 am

That is so nice. I was using Arm & Hammer with essential oil to remove second hand smoke in my apartment but I would love to try the pink Hymalain salt rock salt, Celtic rock salt or Epsom salt. I think the Celtic Salt or Epsom salt would be very nice with natural coloring like a tiny bit of tumeric, annatto, or strained blueberries; potpourri or faceted glass beads. Hopefully I can get a sample of porch & patio floor paint for the concrete to keep the project in budget.