How To Make Your Bar Soap Last

by Danielle De Guzman June 18, 2018

How To Make Your Bar Soap Last

It’s safe to say that we at Edens Garden are seriously obsessed with our Natural Bar Soaps. From floral to minty, these essential oil-infused soap bars are delightful to the senses and therapeutically beneficial to boot! Whether it’s a morning face wash with the Charcoal soap, or a daily shower with Lavender Magnolia, it’s important to get the most out of your soap to keep the goodness coming. With everyday use, our Natural Bar Soaps will last about 1-3 months depending on a few factors. So here are the best ways to make sure you get the most life out your soap!


One of the key components to prolonging the life of your bar soap is by keeping it dry as often as possible. Constant exposure to water is a surefire way to reduce the longevity of soap, so make sure to keep it away from the stream of water coming out of your shower, and away from the drips of the showerhead. Placing it directly onto a solid ledge built into the shower will also cause the soap to break down quickly due to pooling.

If your bar soap is being used as a body wash, we suggest placing it on the opposite end of the shower when not in use, near a window, or even outside of the shower curtain. It’s also a good idea to allow the soap to dry in between uses through proper storage.


The key to a happy soap bar is air circulation. Pretty soap bowls are great for displaying to guests, and perfectly fine if you don’t plan on using it too often. For those who use their soap bar everyday, it’s time to start looking into the proper soap dish. It’s important to find a soap dish that is porous and contains air holes or raises the bar up for adequate drainage after each use.


When we use our hands to lather soap, we tend to overuse the bar. A washcloth or loofah only needs a couple good rubs of the bar to retain lather so you can keep washing for the duration of your shower.


When the soap bar is almost all used up, the remaining pieces become too small to handle anymore. Instead of discarding the soap chips, simply place them in a soap-saving pouch like this one to avoid waste. You’ll get the full use of your soap bar, while also throwing in some extra exfoliation.



While soap bars are inherently self cleaning, it is best to ensure you rinse the bar before you begin washing with it. Just a quick rinse is enough to make sure none of the dirt from the previous use remains.  


By only using half the bar now, and half later, you can stretch the lifespan of your soap. Since only half the bar is exposed to water at a time, the bar as a whole will last even longer. All you need is a regular kitchen knife to gently and safely cut through the soap. Make sure to use back and forth rocking motions and keep your fingers out of the way!


Why only use one bar for every purpose? By using a variation of our Natural Soap Bars for different purposes, you extend the life of each bar to its maximum capacity. Try a separate bar soap for the hands, one for the face, and another for the shower.

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