How To Use Essential Oils In A Face Steam

Face steaming with essential oils is one of the easiest ways to pamper your skin. Steaming causes our bodies to sweat to purge toxins, dirt and other impurities. By removing our skin of impurities, skin will look healthier and give off a natural glow. When steaming with the right essential oils, our bodies soak up their therapeutic goodness.

When it comes to facial steaming, you want to choose skin nourishing oils like Rose and Lavender. Rose is a humectant and astringent, meaning it tightens and draws moisture to the skin, and Lavender has healing and anti-inflammatory benefits. Together, these oils are perfect for a simple facial steam.

Facial Steam DIY

Heat water on the stove to a simmer. Pour the water into a heat-safe bowl. Add 1 drop of Rose and 1 drop of Lavender. Sit in front of a table and place the bowl in front of you. Shutting your eyes, place your head over the bowl. Taking a towel and covering your head and the bowl will lock in the steam. Sit for 5 minutes or as long as you can stand the steam.

That’s all there is to giving your skin the revitalization it needs! And try using other skin nourishing oils like Neroli, Sandalwood, Patchouli and Age Defy synergy blend. Use only two drops at most per steam.


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  • Edens Garden says...

    Hi Mac! You can steam before or after washing your face, but personally, we prefer making this the last step of the skincare routine.

  • Mac says...

    When in your beauty routine would be the best time do a face steam? Before or after washing your face?

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