How To Use Fighting Five Synergy Blend

As cold season rolls around, we at Edens Garden HQ are breaking Fighting Five out of our essential oil artillery. When bugs and germs start to circulate, Fighting Five is our first line of defense. There are so many ways to use this protective blend that our experts thought they’d share some of their knowledge to keep you safe for environmental factors this cold season. Here’s some of our favorite ways to use Fighting Five synergy blend.

    1. Throat coat: Using the Fighting Five roll-on, apply 2-3 rolls of Fighting Five to the neck and lymph glands.

    2. Pulse points: Add a diluted drop or two of Fighting Five to your wrists and inner elbows, rubbing them together. Pulse points in your wrists and inner will gently warm the oil and allow it to absorb while permeating the air.

    3. Inhale, exhale: Add 10-15 drops of Fighting Five to a personal pocket inhaler and inhale throughout the day. 

    4. Diffuse the situation: When bugs and germs start attacking those around you, add 10-15 drops to the Ultrasonic Ceramic Diffuser to keep germs at bay.

    5. Spray away: Combine 40 drops Fighting Five, 1 tsp grain alcohol with 2 oz distilled water in a glass spray bottle. Spray onto counters, surfaces and linens. *Note: Spray onto an inconspicuous area of the linen to ensure it does not stain before spraying fully.


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  • JoAnne says...

    I used Fighting Five all winter. With the roller, I applied it every night to the bottom of my feet (sorry for those with foot fettish). Didn’t even have a slight cold.

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