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How To Use The Diamond Diffuser By Edens Garden

How to Use Your Diamond Essential Oil Diffuser

Diffusing is a part of your daily health regimen. Maybe it’s the thing you do first thing in the morning, even before you’ve brewed coffee (you brave soul, you!). Perhaps you unwind at the end of the day with your favorite mellow oil likeLavender. Whenever and whatever you choose to diffuse, have we got a Diamond in the rough for you!

Our new Diamond Diffuser is an update on our classic diffuser, revamped with a sleek look and improved functionality. You might say that countless hours have beenpoured into designing this revamped EO diffuser, which is why we want you to be able to get the most out of it! Join us as we do a deep dive into our new Diamond Diffuser and how to harness its full aromatherapy potential.

How To Use

  1. Remove the outer cover and water-tank cover.
  2. Connect the AC adaptor to the side of the base.
  3. Pour room-temperature water just below the fill line in the water tank. Add 10-15 drops of EG’s pure essential oils or synergy blends into the water tank. (Note: About 0.1 ml to 0.15 ml per 90 ml water)
  4. Put the water-tank cover and outer cover back on after you’ve filled the water tank to the fill line. (Note: You must use the outer cover while diffusing.)
  5. Plug the power adaptor into an electrical outlet. 
  6. To turn it on, press the mist Power button once.

The Button Breakdown 

The Diamond Diffuser is easy to operate but it does a lot. To further simplify this diffuser’s straightforward design, we’re here to explain just what its button does.

1 push: ON and runs continuously; automatic shut-off after 3 hours (1st light on)

2 push: 30 seconds ON/30 seconds OFF; shut off after 8 hours (2nd light on)

3 push: ON 60 minutes continuously, then shuts off (3rd light on)

4 push: ON 120 minutes continuously, then shuts off (4th light on)

5 push: OFF (All lights off)

Note: All settings have auto shut-off after the water runs out. To turn off diffuser immediately, hold down the mist Power button.

How The Diamond Diffuser Works

You love your Diamond Diffuser (obviously!), but you might wonderhow it works. We’re here to take a closer look at just how our new diffuser upgrades your life through aromatherapeutic benefits. Using sophisticated technology, the Diamond Diffuser emits a refined mist of pure EG essential oils. These EO molecules offer both aromatic and therapeutic benefits. Unlike car diffusers and personal inhalers (which are great in their own right), ultrasonic diffusers disperse the benefits of aromatherapy on a large scale. It's small enough for your nightstand and large enough for your living room.

You might be wondering what’s happening to our old diffuser model. We’ll be keeping it in stock for the next 4 to 6 months, but don’t delay if you’ve had your eye on it and have been waiting for the perfect opportunity.

9 Things To Know About Your Diamond Diffuser

  1. Always place your diffuser on a stable, level and dry surface. 
  2. Only use the power adaptor, cover, and base that is packaged with the diffuser. 
  3. Do not pour water directly into the water tank from the tap faucet; it may spill and cause damage. Use the included cup to fill water. 
  4. Do not cover the diffuser with anything. 
  5. Only use room-temperature water.
  6. Always keep the diffuser out of reach of children and pets. 
  7. If the diffuser malfunctions, unplug immediately and discontinue use.
  8. Never fill the water tank when the diffuser is in use. 
  9. Always hold the diffuser from the base to prevent damage.

EG Diffuser Blends Cheat Sheet

If you’re wondering where to begin with diffusing, perhaps theseEG synergy blends can help. This cheat sheet we’ve put together spans a spectrum of moods, from calming aromas to energy-boosting blends.

Relaxing and Calming Synergy Blends:Chamomile Lavender,Meditation andQuiet Time

Energizing Synergy Blends:Grapefruit Pink Pepper,Awake & Aware,Good Morning andEnergy Boost

Empowering Synergy Blends:Fearless,Frankincense Lime andShine

Romantic Synergy Blends:XOXO,Aphrodisiac andCocoa Rose

Restful Sleep Synergy Blends:Sleep Ease,Good Night andSleepy Head

Stress and Anxiety Relief Synergy Blends:Worry Less,Stress Relief andAnxiety Ease

Air-Purifying Synergy Blends:Aroma Fresh,Fighting Five,Purify andCleaning.

Have a question about our new diffuser? Feel free to drop us a line in the comments section. For those that might be wonderingwhere to place their diffuser,this blog has some great ideas.

Grab The Essentials Here:

Chamomile Lavender Essential Oil Blend from $ 12.95
Chamomile Lavender Essential Oil Blend
Awake & Aware Essential Oil Blend from $ 9.95
Awake & Aware Essential Oil Blend
Aphrodisiac Essential Oil Blend from $ 9.95
Aphrodisiac Essential Oil Blend
Sleep Ease™ Essential Oil Blend from $ 7.95
Sleep Ease™ Essential Oil Blend
Stress Relief Essential Oil Blend from $ 6.95
Stress Relief Essential Oil Blend
Fighting Five® Essential Oil Blend from $ 7.95
Fighting Five® Essential Oil Blend


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