Introducing Self-Care Week

by Jenna Jones January 01, 2018

Introducing Self-Care Week

As the hubbub of the holidays wraps up, most of us are in need of a little TLC. For this entire week, we are focusing on self-care. There are numerous studies about the importance of self-care but wellness sometimes gets overlooked in the busyness of life. This year, EG would like to encourage you to let go of expectations and the pressure to be perfect. Take a clear look at what nourished your soul in 2017 and move those things to the top of your to-do list.

Self-care is about building a life you’re proud of while giving yourself break. Whether your goals for 2018 are focused on nutritional eating habits or spending more time with friends and family, know that you are enough. Challenge self-doubt and dig deep for courage. Give yourself permission to have some fun while you soak up all life has to offer. Follow our blog this week for self-care tips for the New Year.

If you're especially eager to start 2018 with extra motivation, diffuse these blends: Deep Breath, Fearless, Meditation and Harmony

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