Introducing The Diffuser Set

by Jenna Jones November 19, 2018

Introducing The Diffuser Set

Just in time for the holidays, discover the timelessness of aromatherapy with the new Diffuser set. Expertly formulated with an emphasis on aroma, these 100% pure essential blends offer an evocative olfactory experience.

The Diffuser set includes Cedarwood SpruceEucalyptus CardamomGrapefruit Pink PepperLavender MagnoliaLemongrass Ylang Ylang and Tobacco Patchouli synergy blends.

To save money and start using your diffuser right away, select the Diffuser Set + Diffuser. Choose from 4 modern color options. Designed to dramatically elevate any interior, the Ceramic Ultrasonic Diffuser gently emits a refined mist of pure essential oil. Its sophisticated technology releases essential oil molecules to support therapeutic and aromatic benefits.

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