Meet EG's New Lavender Set Of Essential Oils

by Grace Martin August 13, 2019

Meet EG's New Lavender Set Of Essential Oils

The difference between our Lavender essential oils may be all Greek to you, but understanding the uniqueness of each oil comes with trying them for yourself. This is now easier than ever with our Lavender set. Our love letter to Lavender, the 3-set includes versatile and highly-valued varieties of Lavender. The 6 set includes these three varieties, as well as three synergy blends that will take your love of Lavender to the next level. So go on, indulge yourself with these elegant bouquets.

Available in All Lavender Sets

Lavender - Bulgarian: The most well-rounded of the three varietals, Lavender Bulgarian covers a multitude of maladies. This oil doesn’t deviate from the traditional Lavender aroma that most people know and love, adding to its popularity.

Lavender - French: Those preferring a sweeter Lavender will appreciate the French varietal. Its aroma is more vibrant and camphoraceous than its counterparts. French Lavender also shares similar properties with its peers but is often chosen in cases of pain and inflammation.

Lavender - Greek: Coming to you all the way from Greece, this Lavender has an aroma that is more oily and floral, but not as herbal as its Bulgarian and French cousins. From the lineup of Lavenders, Greek is often chosen for skincare, haircare and other beauty treatments.

Available in Lavender 6-Set

Chamomile Lavender: A blend that truly captures the essence of Lavender, Chamomile Lavender is powdery, soft and gently sweet. Like fresh linen, this blend is cozy and will envelop you in comfort and ease.

French Lavender Sage: Sage and Osmanthus’ fruity, green tenacity juxtaposed against Lavender’s softness define this bold, yet balanced blend. Improving sleep and reducing stress are French Lavender Sage’s M.O. If you’re in need of some R&R, you would do well to pick up a bottle of this soothing blend.

Lavender Magnolia: The ultimate floral mood-booster, one can’t not smile at Lavender Magnolia’s bright, bubbly aroma. A blend that defuses negativity upon diffusing, Lavender Magnolia elevates the atmosphere at parties, gatherings or any time you need a proliferation of positivity.

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