Our Top 5 Tips for Diffusing Essential Oils in Large Spaces

by Danielle De Guzman November 19, 2019

Our Top 5 Tips for Diffusing Essential Oils in Large Spaces

The holiday season is upon us, which means you’ll soon be entertaining guests. While it’s great making new memories with the family, it can be overwhelming. There’s dinner to prepare, drinks to serve, games to play and conversations to hold. Needless to say, there’s a lot to do. However, one thing we can lend is a helping hand in sharing aromatherapy with everyone!

While you’re running around making sure the day goes off without a hitch, you can enjoy the peace of mind in knowing your diffuser is filling your home with your favorite aromas. Read on to find out how to diffuse in large spaces!

1. Get the right diffuser: If you’re going to share the benefits of aromatherapy, you’re going to need a diffuser that can handle the job. Our new Terrazzo, which holds 130 ml, is the perfect diffuser to fill a room. If a large diffuser isn’t quite something you’re looking to splurge on, no worries! In fact, opting for a pair of smaller diffusers (like the Diamond or Ultrasonic) provides you the option of diffusing two separate single oils or synergy blends, bringing a unique dynamic to your space.

2. Find a central spot: By definition, diffusing means “not centralized or localized.” That means the further you’re sitting from the diffuser, the fainter its aroma. To give everyone an equal chance to bask in the beauty of your EOs, find a middle ground (literally) to diffuse. Somewhere near the center of the room is a solid choice.

3. Don’t obstruct your diffuser: Sometimes it can be challenging enough to fill your large space with EO goodness, so try to give your diffuser a clear path to do its job. Wherever you place your diffuser, remember to remove any clutter around it. This way, the stream of vapor can be evenly distributed throughout the room.

4. Use enough drops of essential oil: It might sound obvious, but it’s easy to overlook. Remember, diffusing to fill up a room is much different than diffusing at your bedside. So, for instance, if you’re used to adding 5 drops to your diffuser, think about tripling that number for larger rooms.

5. Use high-quality essential oils: If you’re in the habit of using EG oils, this one should be easy! Using inferior oils means that their concentration is diminished, which in turn makes it harder to fill larger rooms with aromatherapy. Shortcuts mean shortcomings, so don’t skimp on EO quality.

Do you have any diffusing techniques for larger spaces? Let us know below!

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