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How To Deodorize Small Spaces

Quick & Easy: How To Naturally Deodorize Small Spaces

A room, your closet, cabinets, a shed are small spaces that often don’t require much work to effectively rid odors and diffuse aromas. If you have a small space that needs deodorizing or an aromatic touch, try these simple tips to make your space fresh and enjoyable.

Compact Diffusers

TheCeramic Bloom,Hanging Ceramic Stone andReed Diffusers are all applicable in small spaces. Incorporating any one of these diffusers in your space and using your favorite essential oils, is an effortless way to enjoy your favorite EOs while deodorizing any unwanted scents.

Room Sprays

Quick and easy to use, theroom spray collection is a great option for achieving a strong aroma output in small spaces. With the added ability to rid odors, once you experience the room sprays, you’ll want to have them on hand at all times. Might we suggest our best seller,Chamomile Lavender?

Salt Diffusion

Salt is said to capture and neutralize bad odors. Pair that with deodorizing synergy blends such asPurify,Cleaning, andAroma Fresh to naturally cleanse the air. You can even make your own salt pot for salt diffusion withthis DIY, or just add salt, baking soda and the essential oils of your choice to any small bowl.

When you’re done freshening one nook, move onto the next using the same, or different methods. Before you know it, no odor will be left unturned.

Have more tips? Share with us in the comments below!


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