Relaxing Home | Create A Calm, Peaceful Environment

by Annie Mascia April 10, 2023

Relaxing Home | Create A Calm, Peaceful Environment

We can all agree that modern-day living can often be hectic and that it’s easy to feel lost and exhausted amid the chaos. Plus, after a long, stressful day at work, the last thing needed is to arrive home only to realize that there is more to accomplish before tucking in for the night. 

We suggest putting off those chores for another day and instead, taking a deep breath to inhale the best essential oils for relaxing to give you a moment of pause and the capacity to reset. This time out will give you a moment to take care of your well-being, reduce feelings of jitteriness, take the stress away and help stabilize the mind. Edens Garden’s Relaxing Home essential oil blend is a spectacular union of harmonious essential oils of citrus, floral, herbal and heavier base notes which will transport a frazzled mind to one of tranquility – all the while helping to make sure home is where your heart is. 

What Essential Oils Make Your House Smell Good?

Our homes should be our safe haven - where we can kick back and lower stress levels in a calming atmosphere. So after a long day, it's a good thing that natural plant remedies are always there to guide and nurture you every step of the way.  

Relaxing Home is a captivating aromatherapy blend that is formulated with pure essential oils to reduce negative emotions and pent-up anxiety. Its calming effect assists in creating inner peace and promotes a relaxed living environment for a better mood. 

Incorporating this peaceful home oil blend into a daily routine will effortlessly rid the atmosphere of negative emotions with the naturally uplifting aromatics of citrus oils:

  • Lemon oil and Bergamot oil: Refreshing and clean, they will revive a home environment and bring a positive outlook to bolster well-being and instill their rays of sunshine.
  • Litsea (aka May Chang): With an aroma reminiscent of lemon, Litsea is made from the berry of the Litsea tree and has a refreshing intensity to help let go of the feeling of built-up stress and enable mental clarity.

Flower power essential oils: 

  • Jasmine oil, Petitgrain oil and Ylang Ylang oil: These floral oils have natural elements that combine effortlessly with and amplify the strength of citrus and other base note oils. Alone, they offer a relaxing environment for stress relief and enable restful sleep through a natural calming effect as well as an ability to revitalize the air. 

What Essential Oils Clean The Air In The Home?

Whether you are interested in getting rid of bad odors or have the desire to influence the energy in your home to create a certain feel, adopting the use of essential oils is a great place to start. To destroy airborne microbes and cleanse the air, we look to herbal oils such as:

  • Juniper Berry essential oil: Purifying, and invigorating with a fresh, crisp and woodsy aroma, it is the go-to essential oil for moving stagnant energy and letting go of tension. There is none more astute when it comes to disinfecting even the toughest of airborne microbes. 
  • Lavender essential oil: Its versatility is well known. Nurturing, restorative and heartwarming, Lavender is also tough as nails on microbes.
  • Fir- Douglas essential oil: Excellent as an addition to cleaning sprays to reduce germs, the aromatics of Fir oils are energizing, especially when one is sick. It also broadens open and clear deep breathing. 
  • Pink Pepper essential oil: This oil has been used in native healing rituals for centuries, for its purifying and cleansing properties. It has a zesty nature that repels some biting insects.

How Do You Use Essential Oils At Home? 

  • Active Essential Oil Diffuser: Edens Garden ultrasonic aromatherapy diffuser comes in two varieties: the sleek Diamond Diffuser and the stylish Terrazzo Diffuser. For use, it is best to follow instructions for your particular diffuser but as a general rule, add 10-15 drops of essential oil per 100 ml of water. Make use of the versatile intermittent settings if available on your device.
  • Passive Reed Essential Oil Diffuser: The subtle aromatics this passive diffuser emits will already be waiting for you 24/7. To use, simply unscrew the cap off your 5 ml or 10 ml Edens Garden bottle and carefully pop out the plastic euro dropper. Twist the wooden sleeve onto the bottle and slip the little reed sticks into the bottle. Place the wooden tray underneath the bottle to prevent spillage and place it anywhere you’d like.
  • Bathroom Scrub: Remove bad odors and prevent fungi build-up, especially in spaces with low airflow. Make yourself a bathroom scrub with 1 cup of baking soda, ¼ teaspoon of cornstarch, 3 Tablespoons of liquid Castile soap, and 2 Tablespoons of white vinegar. Mix the dry ingredients together first and then add the wet ingredients. Mix well and then add 25 drops of Relaxing Home essential oil blend. This gentle and safe scrub smells so good, you may find yourself enjoying your cleaning routine.
  • Room Spray: Don't have a diffuser? No problem! Room sprays are easy to make and can be used all over the house, including the bathroom. To get the essential oils to mix into the spray bottle water instead of floating on top, 190-proof grain alcohol can help. Add 1 oz of grain alcohol to a 4 oz glass spray bottle with a spritzer and add 25-30 drops of Relaxing Home essential oil blend and let this mixture infuse for at least 4 hours or overnight. After that time, fill up the rest of the bottle with distilled or purified water. 
  • DIY Scented Candles: If you have never tried your hand at candle making, we have an excellent blog post to guide you every step of the way here. Using your Relaxing Home essential oil blend, you will already be halfway there. 


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